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Monday, January 16, 2012

Yoshimi, They Don't Believe Me (Peggy 857 Moose'd)

You guys, I'm so damn angsty. Like, all the time. I never really have time to do things anymore, because my life is like, consumed by everything else. And yet, I find time to do this. I'm telling you, I'm not right in the head. I should be doing homework. But I'm not, screw homework, this is better.

I considered messing with the mesh, but I liked it just fine, so I decided not to.

Title is based on this song by The Flaming Lips. Its pretty good.

Click to enlarge (also, I've put patterns in my backgrounds. What do you think?):






Catch Phrase.
This hairstyle is 12,639 polys in lod0, and the same number in lod1 because Peggy always uses the same lod for the first two. 
*This hairstyle is available for all ages, and is non-default, which means you can have multiple versions if you so desire.*

DISCLAIMER: I didn't make this mesh, but I made the textures from scratch.

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P.S.(IN ORANGE): If you have any issues, let me know, I'll fix them.
If you want to use my stuff, go for it, credit is nice, but not required unless my files are being bundled in a download. No paysites, don't steal my textures. 

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