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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

They Get Lost And Out Of Time (Butterflysims 39 Moose'd)

Alright kids, it is time for another retexture! I hope all of you don't mind the adf.ly thing, because I really like it, and it has a nice way of tracking where all of you are, for example, I had no idea that people in places like Korea and Latvia like my work, so shout out to them, it makes me feel awesome. Also, all of us had to wait a REALLY long time to get our hands on this style. Ridank.

Title based on Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys. Epic song is epic.

Click to make larger and therefore more visible:






Cootch Phrez.
Okay, so bad news. This isn't available for children. It looks like trash on children, and its also not something that I will ever use so I did not resize it. Sorry. Only Teen-Adult females (simply too glam for the youngin's). Also, you can only have one version in your game at a time, so if you wanted Butterfly's for some odd reason, its too bad. ENJOY.

Disclaimer: I did not make this messy (albeit pretty) mesh. I only made the textures for it and lowered it a little to suit my tastes.

If you like my work, there's this page on this piece of internet that belongs to me, you can check it out, or you can comment or subscribe :)

(Ridiculous guitaring),

P.S. (AHN PARPLE): Let me know if you encounter any issues, I will fix them straight up. 
Use my work for what you like, but no paysites or stealing of textures. I only require credit if my mesh edit is used or if my file is being bundled with a download, taking of pictures does not need credit, although it is nice.


  1. Metalmoose I have a quick question. I know how to resize NewSea's hair and pretty much any hair that's in .sims3pack format using TSRW and MilkShape, but how to do you extract the mesh from .package hair like Peggy's that can't be opened in the workshop? Please help.

  2. You go into s3pe and extract the meshes (geom files). But sometimes Peggy's stuff (especially her older stuff) is untouchable. Like you actually just can't modify it.

  3. Alright, tried it and it worked! Thank you MM! And thanks for the tip!

  4. Hey Moose, love this hair re texture :)
    Just a small question that I always forgot to ask, is your auburn model up for download?
    Because she always looks good in Sims with your every hair!
    Anyway, love your re textures :)

  5. The Blonde Models Eyes!! Gotta havem pls share? curlslyna@aol.com