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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

To Stay Here On Higher Ground (Newsea Regina Moose'd)

It's been quite some time, I've been ridiculously busy, and also, a tiny bit sad for no reason. Also, I want a boyfriend, but you came here for hair, you're gonna get hair. I'm beginning to lost interest in Sims (although I'll probably still get master suite stuff and showtime), but I find the whole retexturing process a nice break from all the BS that is my life, so I'mma keep at it.

This hair was kind of challenging, because I didn't want it to clip with Sims' heads, but I also wanted to shrink it, but I managed. Also, the texture was a little bit weird, some of the wavy parts were IN the texture, not just meshed, which was weird, but when I made the wavy parts straight, it actually made no difference, so its all pretty whatever. I also realize that it's still kind of high on the head, but shrinking it any more would just look bad, and moving it down any more would completely cover the eyes. At least this way, its as high and volumized as it can possibly be while still looking natural, unlike the original. Also, I found a way to make my mesh edits look good in CaS, because before, I would mess up the way that light hit the style in CaS, but not in game. Now there aren't any problems in either CaS or in-game. YAY.

Based on I Look To You by Miami Horror.

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Catch Phrase!!
This hairstyle is 12,747 polygons in lod0, and 4,764 polygons in lod1, but lod1 probably won't look nearly as pretty in-game. Keep all of this in mind.
*This retexture is available for preschooler-elder females, although I never 'fixed' the younger versions but only retextured them. This retex is also non-default, which means you can have multiple versions in your game*

DISCLAIMER: Mesh is not mine, but I did play with it, and the textures belong to me, myself and I.

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P.S. (In Aqua (its been a while, huh?)): If you have any issues with my work at all, please let me know.
No credit required unless you bundle my retexes in a download. Also, if you want to use my meshfix, please ask first. No paysites or stealing of textures. Have a nice day.


  1. I am having trouble downloading from the links provided. Are they broken, or could it be something with my browser?

  2. It isn't you, the links are broken, alternate added. I'm really sorry.

  3. Can you re-upload because none of your download links are working.