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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I'd Do It All For You, I Would (Newsea Lullaby Moose'd *UPDATED VERSION*

Alright, as some of you know, I've definitely retextured this thing before, but let me explain.

When I last updated my textures (somewhere around the Raon hair, I think) I deleted all of my previous work; I could no longer stand to look at it because I didn't believe it to be up to par. Which means that I might be prone to re-retexture stuff that I've already done.

When I saw this being used on a model for a dress that I downloaded recently, I realized that I freaking love the hairstyle and I wanted it back in my game. After retexturing the thing, I realized that it sits atmospherically high on the head, and I had to do something about it. I actually 'fixed' the dang thing like 6 times (checking how it looked in-game each time) to get it JUST right, so feel free to complain, but I think its perfect now, and I might cry if you disagree (LOL).

This is based on Ellie Goulding's Guns And Horses. This song is STILL as good as I thought it was 6 months ago, and here is the acoustic version, which is only a testament to what a wonderful artist she is.

Click to enbiggen:





This hairstyle is 12,407 polygons in lod0, and 5,120 polys in lod1.
*This hairstyle is available for all ages, females only, non-default which means it's compatible with multiple versions*

DISCLAIMER: I didn't make this mesh, but I DID edit it, and made the textures myself.

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P.S. (IN PINK): If you have any problems, then let me know and I will fix it. 
Use my things if you'd like, and I'd be happy if you give me credit, but it isn't necessary unless you bundle my files in a download. Also, no paysites, stealing of textures, or using my mesh fixes without asking.


  1. how do I download this =S

  2. You click the link, wait until it gives the option to skip the ad at the top of the page, then it will take you to mediafire, where you can download the file

  3. Hey Moose!
    I think you need to recheck all your downloads because the links are not working on some, think mediafire kind of messed it up for most. Just keeps asking to upload instead of download.
    Btw, the hair looks great on blond hairdoos but on red color for example you see a hint of white lines (I haven't been able to download the updated version only going from the old one I have.)

    Rock on! \m/

    1. Yeah, I do, its pretty much the worst, but I replaced this one, I just have to do all of the other ones as well...

      The old version isn't great, that was before my newer texture, I really recommend downloading this one when you get the chance!