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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Never Could Describe Such A Feeling (Newsea Harvest Moose'd)

Okay, I promise that this posting two days in a row won't become a habit, and I'll keep this shortish because I have school.

Basically, I really liked Newsea's newest hair, but someone on MS3B mentioned that it was too wide, and I thought it was a bit wide as well, so I tried to fix it and here we are.

(Sidenote: While everyone was eating turkey, I was teaching myself how to convert (with the help of Reis and some Anubis tutorials) and my adventures in attempted conversion taught me a few things, so that's how I fixed this a bit)

The title is based on All This And Heaven Too by Florence + The Machine. I think it may be my favorite song on their new album.

Click to make with the enbiggening (YAY PINK (don't judge, its casual)):






Okay, so bad news. This is available for all ages, but I didn't 'fix' (I say 'fix' because I know some people will argue that I didn't fix shit and made it worse or something, I garuntee it) the child and preschooler versions, those are the same. Additionally, you have to PICK BETWEEN EAC AND AS, because DABOOBS tends to forget bone files, which basically means that my previous hairs are not fatty friendly, so its time to go medieval on this shit again. So pick one.

Disclaimer: I did not mesh this hair, (but I did fuck around with the mesh, what do you think?) Newsea did, and they're nice people (I think?), if you feel like paying money for content that should be free, spend it on them.

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Poor Language Doesn't Deserve Such Treatment,

P.S.(In a pretty greenish color): If you have any problems with anything, shoot me a comment or something, and I'll fix it as soon as I can. 
Go ahead and use my things for whatever (that means that you can definitely use my mesh edit if you'd like to) credit is nice but not necessary (unless you're uploading it with a sim, or using my mesh edit, then I require it) and please no paysites. 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Melody Potts

Alright! I know I said I'd upload Melody a really long time ago, but I obviously didn't. So I mean that's that, you know? I tend to delete thumbnails when I put things in my game, so tracking down ALL of her CC is a real bitch to do. It took about 2 hours, no joke.
Melody actually started out as my interpretation of what Lily Cole would look like as a Sim, but as beautiful has Lily Cole is in real life, her features didn't translate well into The Sims, and she turned out quite badly (you can see her in some of my much older retextures, she's quite the looker). Eventually, I gave her an extreme makeover, and now we have Melody! So here she is, I hope you guys take good care of her.

She's really excited to meet all of you!

Melody's parents had spent the first few years of their marriage trying to conceive to no avail. They had bought a large farm in Appaloosa plains planning to fill it with kids, but upon seeing a fertility expert, they found that Mrs. Potts had an incredibly slim chance of conception. Put off by this, the Potts signed on to adopt a child, and continued to work on their farm. Mrs. Potts' love of horses eventually led them to invest in breeding them, entering them in competitions, and selling them to good families. As their business grew, so did their number of horses, and as a result, caring for them took up most of the Potts' time. One night, on her way back to the house after cleaning her prize horse, a star fell from the sky and hit Mrs. Potts. She woke up the next morning dazed but unhurt, and told her husband. Not knowing what to make of it,  they continued their lives as normal. Months later, Mrs. Potts noticed that she was pregnant. 
Melody grew up healthy and happy on the farm, playing with the horses and all the other animals that she had convinced her parents to allow her to keep. Melody soon found that she truly loved all animals, and could never seem to spend enough time with them. As a result of spending so much time with her pets, Melody never really learned how to deal with people, and grew up quite shy. Because she spent so much of her time on a horse, Melody always felt more confident on a horse than on her feet, making her quite clumsy. She had a few good friends in High School, but was always teased for being a vegetarian, which never really bothered her anyway. When she graduated, she had planned on going to the local university in Appaloosa plains to help her aging parents on the farm, but her mother forbade her from doing so. When Melody protested, her mother told her the story about The Star, which her mother claimed had given her a certain quality that made her believe she was meant for greater things than breeding horses. Her mother told her to go to school in Bridgeport, so that she could see what she could make of herself. Melody now models for Moose Magazine in order to pay for her degree, which has earned her quite a bit of recognition in the Sims community. Melody doesn't know what her life holds for her in the future. Will Melody make it big and fulfill her mother's prophetic wishes? Or will her love for animals bring her back home to Appaloosa plains?

Just in case you didn't get all that, Melody is an Animal Lover, Shy, Clumsy, a Vegetarian, and has a Star Quality.

Non-Gif version here.

Catch Phrase!

2 versions for your downloading pleasure!
The first is the Package Version, which is Melody's .sim file and all of her CC in one handy place, additionally, I've included a CC list with sources inside. 
The Second is the Sims3pack Version, which is just Melody's .sims3pack file, which is SUPPOSED to include everything, but you can never really be sure when it comes to EA.
(I recommend the Package version, because this way you can just drop everything into your savedsims/ mods folder, and you can also check for conflicts)

Alright, now its CC list time!

Everyday shoes here
Everyday dress here or here
Formal shoes here
Formal dress hurr or harr
Athletic shorts ova nya or nya
Athletic shoes right here
Swimsuit here or here
Hair ovah hurr
Eyeliner is here
Lipstick is right here
Foundation (blush?) is here
Skin can be found here
Contacts can be downloaded here

Okay, so here's the thing, I realize the links for the Eyeliner, Lipstick, Skin, and Contacts are fishy as fuck (as are the links for the everyday dress and shorts, but those are booty, so its cool), but the eyeliner has disappeared off of the face of the earth because Subaxi was angry about something, the lipstick has been moved away from American reach because lemonleaf is angry at pralinesims, the skin's creator left and took down all of her work (I think I may have also edited it), and the contacts are edited by me (not because I don't like shady's work, but because I edited them to fit my game).

Everything not listed here is EA, so there you go! You will likely need all of the Expansions for everything to be perfect, but that might not necessarily be true either, so I don't know. I'm on Vicodin, wisdom teeth and all that jazz.

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I hope you don't hold me responsible for my shit storytelling, I'm on (prescription) drugs,

P.S.(IN PINK): If there are any issues, shoot me a comment or an email (hairbymetalmoose@yahoo.com) and I'll fix it quickly.
Also, feel free to use Melody for anything you want, but I'd appreciate it if you gave me credit if you're using her as a model, also, please no paysites. ILOVEYOUALLHUGSANDKISSESOKAYTHANKSBYE.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pull Your Little Arrows Out And Let Me Live My Life (Newsea KissJasmine Moose'd)

Hello everyone! It's been some time, because I made a promise that I couldn't really keep, and as a result everyone suffered (I'm kidding). Just in case you haven't kept up with things, I promised to post my redheaded sim, Melody, immediately after posting a certain retexture, but I never did. I never did it because I barely had time to retexture anything much less actually post a sim. But because I'm on thanksgiving break, I should have a decent amount of time, and she should be up soon. But probably not tomorrow, because I'm getting my wisdom teeth taken out. Here's hoping that I don't die or something.

My retexture uses a mesh edit done by Reis. Reis is incredibly talented and amazing, and ridiculously kind for letting me use her work in my retexture. She fit the hair to the head better, and I think it looks lovely. Unfortunately, this led me to discover an issue with my retextures that I will talk about after my preview pictures.

Skyrim has treated me nicely. I love it, it is the greatest thing ever.

ANYWAY, I was super stoked about Newsea's new stuff, because I love the way my texts look on Newsea hairs, and also, I'm going to go ahead and say that their ratio of quantity to quality is the best out of all the creators for Sims 3 (meaning that as much as I FREAKING love Cazy and Anto's work, waiting months between hairs sucks (although I DO understand that they have lives)).

This retexture's title is based on Sick Muse by Metric.

Click to make with the enbiggening (also I have a new color, as per anon's advice):






This hair was retextured using DABOOBS. This means that both versions can be used in game, but all of Newsea's original bones are apparently gone. This means no fat sliders. I never noticed this issue when I began, and my preview system requires that I have multiple copies in-game at once, so DABOOBS is necessary. Please let me know if you guys would prefer to have multiple copies, or original bones (the thing that allows for fat slider support, to an extent).

Disclaimer: I did not mesh this, and I did not edit the mesh. It was meshed by Newsea, and edited by Reis. 

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You said, "look at me" I looked away,

P.S.(Punkin Spais): If you have any issues with things, let me know, I will fix them. 
Go ahead and use my stuff for whatever, I don't need credit if you're using my hair in previews, although it would be AWESOME. I DO need credit, however, if you're uploading my hair with a sim. Kthxbai.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bring Me Up, Bring Me Down, Plays It Sweet (Peggy 813-814 Moose'd)

I'm going to make this as quick as possible. I know I said that my next post would be my red-headed model, but I also said that if something came out between now and then that I really like, I'd upload the retexture first. This is because retexturing hair takes about 2-3 hours, while posting a model takes like 5-6 for me. She should go up this weekend, but then again, Skyrim, so I unno.

This by her.

Click to enlarge:






Catch Phrase!
Its available for all ages thanks to daboobs.

Disclaimer: I did not mesh this, but the texture IS mine. 

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Mmm yeah,

P.S.(Stands for pumpkin spice-- what?): If there is anything wrong with my work, please let me know, and I will fix it, asap.
Use my work for whatever you'd like, except for paysites, additionally, you don't need to provide credit for random previews, but you MUST if you're including it with an uploaded sim.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'll Stop The Whole World (Newsea Oxygen Moose'd)

So Its been a hard few weeks, but I think things are bound to get better and easier. And despite how hard they've been, they've also been quite rewarding. Tonight is the closing of the musical production that I'm in, and I'm quite excited to close the show.

Anyway, I mentioned on my facebook page that those who want my red-headed model should look out for this retexture. Essentially what that means is that my next post will be Melody Potts, my red-headed sim. The only exception to this rule is if something amazing is released between now and then, and I HAVE to retexture it then and there, but unless that happens, Melody will be up very soon. All I have to do is assemble a list of CC and that's pretty much it.

This hair's title is based on Paramore's song, Monster from the Transformers soundtrack.

(Also, I have a new model) Click to enlarge:






So yeah, Catch Phrase.
This is available for females of all ages thanks to daboobs.

Disclaimer: I did not mesh this, Newsea did, but the textures ARE mine. I might add links to the TSR page where the originals are hosted, but honestly, you can just google the name. 

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Don't You Ever Wonder How We Survive?

P.S. (In a light pumpkin-like color, for a change): Thank your for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy my work. If you encounter any issues with my work, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can fix them.
Please refrain from using my work on paysites, but feel free to use it for anything else. If you decide to package my work with a sim, please give me credit, but credit is not needed for display.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Lay Me Down, Let The Only Sound Be The Overflow (Peggy SGift Jan '10 Moose'd)

It's been such a long week for me. For the past few months, I've been playing the lead in my HighSchool's musical, and I've been working on that after school until 6PM almost daily. At this point we've begun tech, which essentially means that we are there every day until around 10PM, so time has been scarce. Things have been going well, but I'm there for about 7 hours daily IN ADDITION to school and all that jazz, so its been very tiring. I'm excited for the show, though, and I hope people like it, because its great.

Anyway, I really enjoyed making a gif in which the mesh changes, so I've been slightly addicted to retexturing mesh fixes. This one is a mesh fix of peggy's January 2010 special gift done by TumTum Simiolino. I think his work is amazing, and I hope he gets his computer fixed quickly, because he is an amazing addition to the community.

This hairstyle's name is based on the lyrics in Florence + The Machine's song, What The Water Gave Me. I'm absolutely in love with this song, give it a listen.

Click to enlarge:






Catch Phrase!
This is only available for children-adults, because TumTum didn't do preschoolers, and I also believe that this is also too glamorous for grannies. Sorry muffins, if you'd like it for grannies, change the CaSpart yourself, or email me. THANKS, DABOOBS.

DISCLAIMER: I did not mesh this, it was meshed by the talented and (very likely) sexy TumTum Simiolino. And he based his version on peggy's original version for sims 2. You can find his (FREE) version here, and the atrocious peggy (pay) version here and here.

If you enjoy me work and all that jayuzz, you can find me on facebook, comment or subscribe to my blog below.

But Oh, My Love Don't Forget Me-

P.S. (In aqua, because this song is about water): If you have any issues with my files, shoot me an email, and I will fix it as quickly as possible and to the best of my ability.
Please feel free to use my work for anything you wish to do, but please give me credit in posts, and no paysites EVER. Thanx, bud.