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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It Was So Easy, And The Words So Sweet (Newsea Innocent Moose'd)

I finally retextured another hair, and again, I am sleepy. So lets make this quick, yeah?


AS is left EAC is right.






I like this hair, because its long. That's pretty much it. 

You can put all the hair you want into your game. You can even use mine and Newsea's or even mine and Anubis'. Do what you want! The ALL file is all the hair in one package. If you don't want all the hair, don't use all the hair. 

DISCLAIMER: Newsea meshed and assigned this. I did everything else because I'm a hard working son of a bitch. The original can be downloaded here, if you've got deep pockets. 

If you like everything, you can subscribe with the thingie at the bottom of everything, or click an ad, or comment. Cool beans. 

All of you are lovely people for checking out my work, thank you so much

No paysites; anything else goes as long as you give me credit. 

P.S. IN PINK: If there is something wrong with the files, let me know, because its possible that they are messed up, because my brain is all like 'I NEED SLEEP!'
And my face is like "NO I HAVE SHIT TO DO!"
And then I wake up with my keyboard imprinted on my face, and everyone laughs at me. And I laugh with them, but on the inside, I feel like crying. Or sleeping. Probably the last one. Goodnight. Good morning. Good afternoon. Parting phrase in a foreign language. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fuck Like A Kennedy (Newsea The Truth) Moose'd

I am SO TIRED its not even


Its like before, AS on the left EAC on the right:






This will be a short post, because thinking realistically, I will never update this post again, and I want to sleep.

BOTH SETS OF FILES CAN GO IN YOUR GAME! YAY I FIGURED OUT HOW TO USE DABOOBS! If you want all the hair, pick it ALL. Its pretty straightforward.

No file names today or ever. MS3B is kind enough to do them, if this gets featured, check it out over there.

DISCLAIMER: Newsea meshed and mapped, and I stole that. Everything but the meshes and the texture mapping is mine, this isn't even their set of files, I made my own files. I'm that fucking cool. (Thanks to Delphy). Newsea's original is here. If you hate mine, use theirs' (Its freeeeeeee).

If you like my milkshakes, then bring your boys to the yard, dammit. (I'm not sure what that means. There are lovely ads for you to click, and a nice little subscribe tool at the bottom of the page, and you can comment if you like things!)

Thank you for being here, you're all so awesome for looking at my stuff!

You can use my retexes and other things for whatever you want, just give me credit. NO PAYSITES.

P.S. IN PINK: Since these aren't the heavily tested Newsea files, and are actually my (very lightly tested (I only had like 4 hours to do this)) files, please let me know if you experience any issues (unless their mesh issues, then go talk to Newsea), and I will fix them just for you. Because I love you. Good morning/night/whateveri'mmagotosleep.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lost In This Plastic Life (Newsea Jenifer Retex'd)

Its time for another retex everyone, but I have a few things to say first.

I recently read something that Aikea Guinea wrote over at Club Crimsyn, and it made quite a lot of sense. I have noticed that many people seem to have certain expectations with custom content, and it makes sense. There is a certain amount of quality that I myself expect before putting something in my game. Although I understand this, there is an excess of criticism and hateful comments in regards to creations posted. ESPECIALLY over at My Sims 3 Blog. It seems that people EXPECT creators to make certain things, and then proceed to lash out at said creators when their desires aren't met.

This is incredibly disturbing due to the fact that creators spend HUGE amounts of time on their work, and do not receive any compensation for it.

When I began retexturing a few months ago, I knew very little, and believed myself to be incredibly lucky to be featured over at MS3B. After coming back to read the comments, I almost quit creating for The Sims 3 altogether. The comments were harsh and uninhibited except for a few kind users who gave me words of encouragement and ideas to improve my work. Because my work was for myself rather than for everyone else, I continued to work and attempt to improve my work, and I have made quite a bit of progress in these few months.

Posting my work has been a great and completely terrible experience at the same time. On one hand, I've learnt so much about creating for The Sims 3, and on the other, I've experienced quite a bit of the ignorance and cruelty prevalent of The Sims 3 CC community. I managed to get over the comments, and tough it out and learn from my mistakes, and grow as a creator (although I am STILL learning).

The only issue that I'm having is that the posting process alone takes easily twice as much time than the actual creation process, and personally, I don't know why I'm doing this anymore. The majority of the people who post over at MS3B are DISGUSTING, OBNOXIOUS people, and its amazing that most people haven't quit creating altogether.

What I'm saying is that being a creator for The Sims 3 fucking sucks, and is fucking difficult to boot. The only appeal is creating something that I like, and finding that (some) people like it enough to put it in their game as well. But the thing is that the abuse of creators over at MS3B is way too much. Basically, if you like someone's work, please defend it, because they aren't going to know that its good if someone doesn't tell them. All I know about your opinions of my work are the things that you say about it, and that's how it is for everyone.

TL;DR: Try to avoid being an ass about feedback, we don't owe you SHIT. Fuck all of you, except for those who have something constructive to say, or are thanking creators.

Lets get to the hair, yeah?

The title is inspired by Lost In The World by Kanye West.

I actually really like this hair, flyaway hairs and all.

I figured out a better system for picture taking, so the old system is back Adjust-Shine on the left, EA Control on the Right:






Have something to say about my image editing skills? Fuck you, I'm unhappy today. 

Things have changed. You can put all the shit you want in your game, because they no longer conflict. Basically, you can have Adjust-Shine and EA Control in your game. YAY LEARNING.

You'll get your file names when I get the Toddler and Child Files. (That means they're not currently available. Downloading will get you the T-EF file, thats it for now).

Disclaimer: I did not mesh this, Newsea did. You can find the original hair here. You should definitely pay for it. (Trolololol)

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Thank you for visiting,

Do what you want with my work, but give me and Newsea credit, and NO PAYSITES.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cause They're Calling, Calling, Calling Me Home (Newsea Emerald Retex'd)

Oh my god, you will not believe the dumbfuckery that ensued upon the opening of this fucking file. Jesus Christ. Newsea very clearly has no idea what they're doing. Of course, I don't have any idea what I'm doing either, but I know enough to know that they really fucked this one up. I mean Jesus. I shouldn't have to royally sodomize my textures just to get the hairstyle to fucking make sense.

The title is based on a song by Ellie Goulding, but the song that I actually like is a mashup of her song and a voilin version of Kanye's All The Lights by The Hood Internet, you can find it here, and its freaking incredible.

Anyway, retexturing this was quite the experience, and I've become a better retexturer person as a result.

Lets get down to business, yes? Yes:





Control (Adjust Shine on the Left, EA Control on the Right):

Oh Dayumn! I realize my previews are now fucking humongous, but this way, you know what you're getting. AWWwwwwwww YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHhhhhhhhhhh.

You should know the rules by now. If you don't know how to do things, read previous posts. If you ask dumbfuck questions, I will call you a dumbfuck. Only use EITHER Adjust-Shine or EA Control, not both. IF you want all the hairs (pf-ef) then use the ALL file and ONLY the all file. If not, then pick and mix and match. Mesh included.

The hair will unzip to about 23-24 megabytes, but you're only putting about 12 in your game as a maximum. 

(Calling Me Home (AS Newsea Emerald -ALL) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (AS Newsea Emerald -C) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (AS Newsea Emerald -F) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (AS Newsea Emerald -P) Moose Retex.package).
EA Control:
(Calling Me Home (EAC Newsea Emerald -ALL) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (EAC Newsea Emerald -C) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (EAC Newsea Emerald -F) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (EAC Newsea Emerald -P) Moose Retex.package).

DISCLAIMER: I didn't make this hair mesh, I only fixed the textures. It is made by Newsea, and can be found ovah nya. All credit goes to Lotus for removing the trackers from the files, if not for her, some poor sap would have gotten their paypal info published all over the interwebs. Her version can be found here.

I managed to get through a post! YES. Anyway, if you like what you're looking at, you can sub with a handily little follow tool, if you're feeling generous, you can click an ad, and if you're feeling nice, then please comment!

Thank you for visiting, 

Do what you want. (No Paysites).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Won't You Turn The Music Up? (Newsea Sailaway Retex'd)

I feel shitty right now, so I'm just going to give you what you came for and skip everything else, and I'll consider coming back later.

Below is what some would call a horrible disgusting mess of a blogpost. I must agree. I'll fix it at a later date that isn't right now.

I have a new preview system, LOOKIT:





Control (AS on the left EAC on the right):

Ooh. Its so fancy.

*Note* y'all don't get proper EA Control previews until I figure out a better method of taking pictures. I'm a texture kid, not a movie maker or picture taker. 

I didn't make this. I textured it. (will add links to newsea's page some other time).

Don't forget to subscribe to keep this trainwreck going. Maybe click an add, say something nice. It'll definitely brighten my day.

So long, and thanks for all the fish,

Don't use my work for evil. No paysites. Everything else is all good, but link back here.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's Been SO Nice To Meet You (Newsea Babyface) Retex'd by MetalMoose

So Lotus was kind enough to post find this hair style for everyone, and I just wanted to thank her for that, she's amazing, and I love her work, and I only make my own versions because hers don't really fit my game.

This hair's title was inspired by a quote from The House Bunny, because all I've been doing lately is bits of lyrics from music, and the first hair I did was a quote from a movie that I enjoyed and so is this one. BAM.

Adjust-Shine is on the left and EA Control is on the Right (also, I screwed up with some picture taking, but Generations is weird, and also, you shouldn't care):






Its a thing. You can like it, if you want. 

Please stick to the file that you want. DO NOT use multiple kinds of files. EA Control and Adjust-Shine won't work in the same game, or it won't show up. Also, I'll hurt you. Also, I'll probably do a children's version as soon as I get it. 

These files will max out at about 4 megabytes. 

(So Nice (Newsea Babyface AS - F) Moose Retex.package)
EA Control:
(So Nice (Newsea Babyface EAC - F) Moose Retex.package)

Disclaimer: I didn't make this stuff. I retextured it. Thats how that is. Meshes included, all that jazz. It was actually made by Newsea and you can find it here.

Thanks for being all awesome and looking at my stuff. I love you long time, don't be too scared to subscribe, the thingie is at the bottom. Its not displaying for ME, but it might for you, so if it does, subscribe (if you wanna). Also, each hair can take me anywhere between 1-3 hours, so if you're feeling generous, click an ad, because then google will make me feel pretty by throwing money at me. 


Also, we keep it classy up in here, which means no paysites. Do what you want with my work, but just credit me and Newsea, and most of all, NO FUCKING PAYSITES. Kthxbai. Have a nice night/morning/afternoon/whenevertheFyou'rereadingthis. I'mma go watch Weeds, because its amazing.

PS (in pink!) If a link doesn't work, its probably because I've been hacked by Newsea. They're not super stoked about me giving their meshes away for free. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sharing Different Heartbeats in One Night (Newsea Bohemian Retex'd)

It's been a while hasn't it? Retexturing this one was quite easy, but when I did it initially, I wasn't satisfied, so I tweaked my textures a bit to fit the hair better, and now I'm happy with it.

The title is inspired by a wonderful song by The Knife called Heartbeats.

You'll find Adjust-Shine on the left, and EA Control on the right (new model, born in game!):






You like?

Please only use one kind of file, take your pick between Adjust-Shine and EA Control. Also, keep in mind that this is not sims 2, and I'm not anubis, and I will always include meshes. Please don't ask that silly question ever again.

The files will max out at about 3 megabytes, there should only be that much in your .packages folder. 

(Sharing Different Heartbeats (Newsea Bohemian Adjust-Shine-F) Moose Retex.package)
EA Control:
(Sharing Different Heartbeats (Newsea Bohemian EA Control-F) Moose Retex.package)

Disclaimer: I didn't mesh this, I just textured it. Thats how I do things. It was made by Newsea, and you can check it out here.

Thank you for checking out my blog, if you like what you see don't be afraid to subscribe (the thing is at the bottom of the page) or click an ad (please?) or comment (but please don't ask a stupid question that will bother me and ruin my day). 


Hi. You can use what I make, but avoid paysites, and please give Newsea and myself credit, and we can be friends.