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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

You Be The Artist, And Make Me Out of Clay (Cazy 20 Moose'd)

So I think I'm going to make this as quick as possible, because I'm still sleepy, and I have to go to school soon.
Firstly, this hair was a complete bitch to do. I've definitely retextured it about 4 times, and it will never come out right no matter how many times I do it, so here it is. Cazy's assignments on this hair are weirder than shit, and I've struggled and fought with them for months just to figure that out. Turns out that Cazy cheated by giving her hair a really weird Control (its like if AS and EAC had a friggin' baby). So anyway, this retexture definitely comes down to personal preference. If you want your shine placement to look purdy, use Cazy's. If you want to fix those blackass roots, use mine. Another existing version is Savio's retexture, so if all of it sucks, try that one out.

Inspired by Ellie's The Writer.

Click the color above the GIFs to see the JPG versions (That means it doesn't move).

This hairstyle is only available for females ages teen-elder female. If you'd like the male version, just change the caspart. There's a tutorial somewhere, I promise.

DISCLAIMER: I did NOT mesh this, it was meshed by Cazy, whose meshes are very pretty (and expensive).

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Cause I'd rather pretend I'll still be there at the end,

P.S. (Aquatic Color wootwoot): Let me know if something is horribly wrong with something, and I will fix that shit up stat. Also, please give me credit for my work. Although this IS a hobby, I work damn hard, dammit. You can use my work for anything you'd like (except paysites) as long as you credit me. Thanks, and have a nice day/morning/whateverthefuck <3.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

And You Didn't Even Get No Taste (Anto 93 Moose'd)

I have been waiting for this hair for about a month now, and it finally came out, and then I messed with it, and this was the result. I've had it for about a day, and I was wondering about whether it would be okay for posting or not, and then I checked Anto's TOU, and it turns out that he is awesome, and allows for recolors! Thank you so much, Anto!
But just to be clear, this is in no way claiming that anyone's textures are superior to his. In fact, I really love Anto's textures, and there are some things about his textures that I would definitely use if I knew how. I only chose to retexture his hair because I have this horrible need to make all of my CC match (I literally go in and remove all thumbnails and retexture every hair that goes into my game). I only decided to post it because I know that there are some people out there who want more options.

Anyway, the hair's title is based on one of my favorite songs, Amy Winehouse's Fuck Me Pumps. Listen to everything by her, I only wish that I had listened to her work before her death, because she is incredible. The world lost an amazing talent on July 23.

Click the color to see the JPG versions.

This hair is only available for teen-elder females. It will not conflict with other versions of this hair because I used DABOOBS, which is an amazing, glorious tool that I would rather not live without (and by that I mean that without it, I probably wouldn't retexture things).

Disclaimer: I did not make this hairstyle. In fact, I only retextured it, and I based it heavily on the original. So in reality, although I did spend a few hours on it, all credit should go to Anto, regardless of the version you're using. Best of all, he offers his work for free, which is incredibly amazing and Admirable. If you like this, go tell Anto thanks here.

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I hope you like the retexture, I'm off to do mysterious things. 
So dust off your fuck me pumps,

P.S. (In Aqua!): If you have any issues with the retexture, let me know, and I will fix it immediately, or google the issue until I can figure it out. Also, please don't put my work on paysites. Aside from that, you can use it for anything you like. Please give Anto and me credit though, because texturing takes hours, and I can only assume that meshing takes DAYS. Please give credit where it is due, don't pretend that you made it and so on and so forth. 

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Scars of Your Love, They Leave Me Breathless (Newsea Di-Dar Moose'd UPDATED 9/3/11)

I always loved this hair, but retexturing it with my old method was a nightmare; it never seemed to work out, and the shine was always assigned wrong and looked bad (you'll be able to see what I mean from the previews). I finally managed to update this hair properly with my new method, and I think it looks great now, so I decided to post it for all of you. The original is still available, and while atrocious, can be found ova nya.

The title is inspired by Adele's Rolling In The Deep, which I kind of honestly regret naming it after hearing her other work. I REALLY recommend Someone Like You, Chasing Pavements, or Set Fire To The Rain. (Sorry, just google them, I'm too lazy to link to them.

Anyway, as before, click the hair color to see the non gif versions.


Available for all female ages and stuff. Also, it won't conflict with other crap because I used DABOOBS. 

Dislcaimer: This wonderful motherfucker of a hair was meshed by Newsea, and can be found here

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I hope all of you enjoy the hair, but I have a bunk-bed to assemble, so I'll see you later!

P.S. (IN AN AQUATIC COLOR): If you have any issues with my retexture, please let me know, and I'll fix everything as soon as possible. Feel free to use my hair for whatever, but please keep in mind that retexturing hair can take anywhere from 1-4 hours, so please give me credit. If you're feeling generous, you should give Newsea credit as well. Please don't post my work on paysites.