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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Smoke and Whiskey Wrung Him Out (Newsea Cleopatra Moose'd)

Okay, so I've wanted to get my hands on this hair for the LONGEST time. And by longest time I mean like a week. But I'm so used to just getting whatever I want as soon as it comes out that a week felt like much longer. God, we are SO spoiled in this community.

Anyway, I'm turning 17 very soon, January 3rd to be more specific, so that's exciting, I'll finally get to watch Rated R movies! Hopefully I'll get a new computer around that time, which is exciting within itself.

So this retexture's name is based on The Bone Is The Orbital Planet Of The Nerve by 20 Minute Loop. I found the song really recently, and its my current favorite, I hope you all like it :).

Click to enlarge:






Available for all ages, but I only edited the mesh of the teen-elder female, the younger ones are the Newsea mesh, but yeah. Also, the mesh edit is somewhat pointless, it didn't really do anything noticeable, but it gave me peace of mind, so yup. That is that. 

Disclaimer: I didn't mesh this, but the texture is mine, and I played with the mesh (because that makes me feel validated). 

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Is this Hell? I recognize it well,

P.S.(HOLY GUACAMOLE ITS GREEN (like guacamole)): If you have any issues with my files, please let me know, I will fix it as soon as possible.
Do as you please with my work, but no paysites. I only require credit if you're bundling my work with a download, or if you're using my edited mesh. Otherwise, no credit needed (for previews and such).

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Any Way You Run, You Run Before Us (Anto 66 Moose'd)

I saw this a while ago, and I liked it a lot, and meant to retexture it but I never did. When I finally got around to retexturing it and sticking it in my game, I thought it looked too wide, so I messed with it. This style definitely comes down to taste. If you prefer Savio's mesh, go with Savios. The issues seen in the brunette previews (under her left armpit (its on your right)) exist in Savio's original version too, so don't let those be a dealbreaker for my version. Also, the hair is high because it is high, I would have lowered it, but I decided not to as it would cause too many problems.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas, I did, I got some new speakers, 3 pairs of new kicks, a new phone (not really a Christmas present, because it is actually meant to replace my old one, which I had lost), and I'm slated to buy a computer from my friend, whose computer has a MUCH better graphics card than mine, which means that I will definitely be able to get you guys some higher quality previews when I get it :).

This retexture's name is based on lyrics from Beach House's Zebra. The song is absolutely beautiful, I highly recommend listening to it.

Click to enlarge :






Catch Phrase!!!
Alright, this is only available for teen-elder females. You may only have ONE version.

Disclaimer: This mesh is not mine. This hair was meshed by Anto, and then converted for Sims 3 by Savio, and then retextured and resized by me. Credit goes to them.

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All Deception From You,

P.S.(IN AQUA): If you have any issues with my retexture/fix, please let me know, I'll fix said issues. 
Do what you like with my work, I do not require credit for use in previews, but I do require credit if my work is bundled with a download, or if you decide to use my edited mesh in a retexture. No paysites.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

We'll Make It Out Alive, Alright, Alright (Peggy 825-825 Moose'd)

So I just noticed that Anubis JUST uploaded his version of this hair, so I mean, get his if you like it, I'm probably going to leave my version as it is, but I will check it out in-game, and if his morphs are REALLY nice, I might use them. Until then, or in case I never update this version, download his if you want this to be compatible with obese sims. Alright? Cool. (I wish I knew how to make morphs, dang).

I think I'mma be concise-ish, I'd like to get a haircut today, and possibly get started on rescaling that new Newsea hair.

This hair's name is based on lyrics from No Church In The Wild by Kanye West and Jay Z. The song is ridiculous, and although I might not be a huge fan of rap itself, Kanye West is a musical genius, it is definitely worth a listen. -Sidenote- Do you guys like it when I post music? I mean, I'll likely keep doing it because I like it, but does anyone actually care? Be honest, I'm a big boy, I can take it, I probably wouldn't like your music either.

Click to make bigger:






Pick ONE version, thats all you get. Sorry, available for preschooler through elder female.
Also, the control pictures are PROOF that I never photoshop except to crop and resize.

Disclaimer: Mesh not mine, by peggy, etcetera.

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But we'll probably spend it all because the pain ain't cheap.

P.S. (In yellowish): If you have any problems with my work, let me know and I will fix them as soon as possible, deal? Deal.
NO PAYSITES PLEASE. Other than that, you can use my work for whatever you like, I don't need credit if its being used in a preview, but if you're packaging my retextures with a sim, I ask that you credit me. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It Was So Easy, And The Words So Sweet (Newsea Innocent Moose'd Updated 12/18/11)

HOKAY. So I basically promised this meshedit and retexture a while ago, but I accidentally lost all my preview pictures, and then I patched my game, and it broke EVERYTHING. First I couldn't get my game to start, because my crack wasn't compatible (my discs are currently being used by my little sister, and I wasn't about to buy ANOTHER copy of pets, and that is why I have a crack). I was waiting for the people over at this one crack site to update the crack, and then I figured out how to get it to work without a crack, which makes me happy, so now patches won't break my game, and now I'm happy.

Anyway, I managed to retake all of the pictures and stuff, and its all good now :)
Also, I didn't include pictures of my old retexture of this hair, but I'm just going to say that it kind of sucks hard.  If you dig through my blog posts, you can take a look, but if you go back far enough you're likely to lose all respect for me.

This hair's title is based on Eet by Regina Spektor, its a lovely song, I recommend it.

Click to enbiggen:






Catch Phrazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze!
Sorry brosephs and brosephines, you only get to have ONE version pick one. Toddler to elder is available for females, although I only touched the adult version.

Disclaimer: This mesh is not mine, but I played with it, and the textures are 100% mine, unlike Pooklet's (although beautiful) I don't believe transitioned well into Sims 3, but hey, to each his own.

If you like my work, I'm on facebook, you can also leave me a comment, or subscribe to my blog to get my updates as they happen :)

You're using your headphones just to drown out your mind-

P.S.(In poyple): Please NEVER EVER hesitate to tell me if you have a problem with any of my hairs, I will fix it for you GLADLY. 
Also, go ahead and use my retextures/fixes as you wish (feel free to retexture my meshedits as well, but I DO require credit if you're going to retexture one of my mesh fixes) but please don't put my stuff on paysites, and if you upload a sim with my hair, I need credit as well. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Poke Holes In The Seats With My Heels (Cazy Reunion Moose'd)

Oh my god, first final today, craaazy.

I know I said I wouldn't do it, but I did. I'm a dirty rotten liar.

Marry The Night by Gaga.

Click to make big.






Catch Phrase!
No daboobs, Adults only, pick ONE.

Disclaimer: This gorgeous mesh is not mine, it is Cazys. I just made my textures fit it properly.

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But I Still Had My Bedazzler,

P.S.(In Lime Green!): Please let me know if you have any issues with my files, I will fix them ASAP.
Go ahead and do as you please with my retextures, I don't need credit unless you're including it with an upload. No paysites.