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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Falling From Cloud Nine (SkySims 04 Moose'd)

Hey Everyone! I realize its been a really long time, and I had promised I would post my fix of this hairstyle much sooner, but as I was about to post it, my computer gave out, and I lost everything on my hard drive. My computer has been in a state of disrepair for an extremely long time, and it finally gave out. Long story short, its being repaired right now, and I've started a whole new operation here on my mother's computer. I've also realized that my old computer is a piece of crap, and it couldn't really run the Sims at all. In the last few months of my computer's life, I could barely even take preview images for you guys, forget about actually PLAYING THE GAME. So after the crash, I was pretty sad about it for a few days, and then I saw that S-Club finally released their eyelash mod, and I quickly realized that I had to get back to the community by any means necessary. So after about 3 days of CC collecting, creating of Sims, and actual gameplay (showtime is pretty great), I'm finally back and better than ever in my opinion.

So about the hair. I've basically fixed this thing twice. Once before the crash, and once after. Its pretty much take it or leave it. The original may have slightly smoother animations, but the advantages over my version end there. My version has breast sliders, doesn't have cone-head, and my textures, which in my opinion are FAR more superior than SkySims'. Neither version has fat morphs, because the mesh likes to explode.

In celebration of the Katy Perry themed Showtime expansion coming out, this style is named after Katy Perry's song Wide Awake. I may or may not hate the woman's guts, but the song is pretty good (be careful though, listen to it too many times and you'll start noticing everything that's wrong with it).

Click to enlarge (how do you like my new models?):






This hairstyle is 11,840 polygons in LOD0 and 5,979 polygons in LOD1. Unfortunately, LOD1 doesn't look very good, so if you cannot run this hair on very high settings I wouldn't recommend it at all.
*This hair is available for Child-Elder females, I fixed the adult version, and resized the child version, use the child version at your own risk, I didn't play with the animation. I didn't make a version for toddlers because I thought this hair much too glamorous. Sorry.*

DISCLAIMER: I did not make this hairstyle, I only played with the mesh. This resize belongs to me, LOD0's bone assignments belong to me, and the textures belong to me. All else is by SkySims. 

If you like my work, you can check out my facebook, comment, or subscribe to my blog via the doohickey at the bottom of the page. 

I'm letting go tonight, 

P.S.(ITS PINK): If you have any issues with my fix, please let me know so I can fix it. 
Go ahead and have your way with my work, although I ask that you do NOT upload it elsewhere unless you're bundling it with a sim, and in that case, I require that you link back to the page where you got it. If you'd like to retexture my version of this hairstyle, please ask me first, and please don't steal my textures. Please do not claim that you made this. Give credit where it is due. 


  1. Gorgeousness! =D It's lovely to see you back.

  2. I commented on FB, but I'm leaving another one because this hair is fantastic! I'm glad you got your game running again and have returned to the community. Your retextures are amazing, and your fixes are great. Thank you for saving us from conehead syndrome.

    I really like your new models. The redhead reminds me of Florence Welch! The Asian-Y sim reminds me of myself, so therefore I love her. :)

  3. Thank you so much! It's wonderful to be back!

  4. Thanks, Moose! Glad you're back! Hope you get a sweet new rig of your own!

  5. Glad you are back I love your fixes and EA highlights so much. also your comment on my blog made me very happy :D

  6. HI I WOULD LIke to know if you can retexture newsea say forever and wakeup, because the version i have from marie antoinette has not morphs because when the sims are fat their hair disappears or when they have big boobs!

  7. @Anon I'm pretty sure that he already did both of those hairs...did you look through the whole blog??

  8. i don´t know how to search in this blog, cause there aren´t search bars

  9. I DID do Wakeup a while ago, but I didn't know how to make things breast slider compatible at the time, so it won't be breast slider compatible, I'm not really sure about fat morphs either, to be honest. Isn't there a search bar up in the upper left?


  10. sorry, i found it!
    could you retexture newsea j089 compass, j095 sun kiss or j098 swallow tail?

    1. I'd be glad to do Swallow Tail when I get my hands on it :)

  11. I don't be mean to be rude but why is the hair farther from the neck line this time? :( I'm not if it is because of the fix or anything but it'd be nice if it was closer to the neck.

    1. Because the models have massive breasts. That's what breast slider compatibility does, it assigns the hair to the breasts so that the breasts don't go through the hair, therefore it moves with the breasts. The breasts are pretty far from the neck on the control and black haired models because of their size, as opposed to the breasts on the other models, which are closer to the body.

      Does that make any sense?

      If you want the hair closer to the neck, give your Sims smaller boobs. That's pretty much it, I think.

  12. Hello there. I really love your work. It's easy to see how much you care about it, and it's probably some of the most beautiful hair I have in my game, so thank you.

    However, I can't download this particular one. Both the Adjust-Shine and EA Control links send me to a 404 after I "skip ad" on the url-shrink service page. I don't know if you were aware of it or not.