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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Feel Like You Were There Yourself (SkySims 07 Moose'd)

So I have a lot on my plate right now, this will be quick.

This hair has a lot of issues. That's the first thing I'm going to say. I didn't even want this initially, but then I thought I could use some conversion practice, and you know what? I like my version better. So there. The original had no morphs, so I fixed that, and that's a good thing. Unfortunately, though, the hair doesn't like to play nice with boob morphs, so this happens, which kind of sucks, but I can't fix it, I'm sorry, I don't know how. This whole deal is a conversion of the Sims 2 version, actually so I mean, I had a lot to do, and I reduced the polycount by about 1,500 polygons, because the original didn't like the idea of morphs at all (the original version was too high poly, it would have exploded).

This hairstyle's name is based on Gorillaz's song Dare.

Click the thingies to enlarge:






This hair is like 10,288 polygons in LOD0 (which is better than the like 11,700 that the original had), and 7,433 polys in LOD1.
*This hair is available for all ages, but I didn't fix the child and toddler versions, because I don't believe it to be appropriate, and I won't use it. But my textures are there, and stuff. This is non-default, which means multiple versions if you want.*

EA Control

DISCLAIMER: This isn't mine, its actually by Skysims, but this version, all LODs and textures are mine, so credit for this thing's existence is mine. 

If you like my work, or just want to talk to me, I have a facebook. Also, you can comment below or subscribe if you have a blogger account. 

Its Coming Up,

P.S.(IN ORANGE): If you have any issues, let me know so I can fix them. Thanx. 
Please go for it and use my work for whatever you'd like. Please do not reupload anywhere, unless you're bunding with a sim, in which case I require that you link back to the hairstyle's respective page. Also, please don't claim as your own, please ask before retexturing any edits or conversions, and don't steal my textures. 


  1. Yaaaaay! Thank youuuuu! @____@ This is a nice thing to see so early in the morning before classes!

  2. I love your adjust shine textures!! (especially in black).

    I see one little issue...(I don't create hair, so I should probably stfu, but still!)
    At the top of her hair, there is a little glitch. (just thought I'd let you know)

    Thank you metalmoose!! :)

    1. Every hair has a crest, I mean if you talk about the little skinny part above. :) But there is defenitly one at the side in the retexture. It's good seen on the blond model. Sorry if you meant anything else.

    2. The glitch you're referring to IS there, and it is an issue. Its because there are no undersides under that bit of hair at the crest, and you're seeing through it, into nothing, basically. That issue will always be there, but because of that issue, the hair is much lower poly than it would be otherwise. So I mean, the issue is there, and I apologize for it, but the hair also has morphs because that issue exists, so its something of a trade-off. I consider it to be a fair deal, personally.

  3. The link for download Shine VersiĆ³n isn´t work, so plese MetalMoose can you some fix it.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Hello MetalMoose, I tell you the Both links EA Control Version and Adjust Shine Version aren´t work for Download,So please Can you Some fix it. n_n

  6. Hi hun...someone had your file removed for violation....i would use multiupload...there u have no way that anyone can remove your stuff....T$R is at it again.

  7. Hi! Could you please retexture this hair? http://thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-sets-hair/title/catfights-hairstyle--female/id/1140370/ I would be very thankful :D

  8. Hey everyone! I replaced the download links with 4shared links. I tried multiupload, but I would get this weird screen when I would try to download, so that was a bust. Jesus, Skysims is quite the cunt, eh? I RECONVERTED her file, its not like I used the TSR version, my version is completely unique.

  9. Hmm, is there a way to get around 4Shared's apparent requirement of logging in? It used to not require a log in. :( I really don't want to make an account just to download things, I'm sure I'd forget the username/password and I don't trust them not to e-mail me stupid crap.

    1. changed it to uploaded.to, we'll see how that works.

  10. I love U for making Skysims hair useable :3333

  11. where is the download for this hair cant find no download link

    1. Maybe you should eat more carrots, cause the links are there. Carrots are good for the eyes, you know. Right after the last picture you see 2 words there: adjust-shine and ea control.
      Now what could that be.

  12. love this but i cant download it in uploaded..:( should i register there to download this hair?