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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

And Tell Me How I've Lost My Power (Peggy 100 Moose'd)

Happy Easter everyone! I've never been a huge fan of Easter, although the hunting can be fun if you put money in the eggs.

So this is a conversion, actually, my second one ever. It has been converted before by Cazy, and you can find it here, but the transparency issues are awful, and it doesn't have morphs. Peggy also converted it, but her version is ugly in my opinion, because it was made back when she would alter her models so that the hair looked normal, and the animation isn't very nice, and the morphs are nonexistent as well, so I wanted it, so I made it, and I thought it'd be worth sharing.

My version has its issues. Take a look at the strand of hair near the chin. If it looks weird and distorted, that's because it is weird and distorted, because I assigned it 100% to the chin. I did this because the hair literally sits on the chin, and any sim with chin slightly larger than the one that I used as a reference would look horrible, so this way, the hair chills out there, and moves with it. I could have made it so that it didn't stick to the face, but I thought it would be cool and it is. Also, if I had made it not stick, the whole hair would have been wider than it already is, and its already pretty wide, it doesn't really look natural at all. At the same time, I still really like it, and my textures look nice on it. And of course, there are a few very minor transparency issues, just because I'm not yet incredible at life.
Long story short, as with all my conversions, this hair is not for everyone, but for those who like it, and are willing to accept this mesh for what it is. I guess that's true for all hairs, really.

This hair's name is based on a beautiful song by Paramore (I don't think you understand, I forking love Paramore) called Conspiracy.

Click things to make them bigger:






Catch Phrase!
This hairstyle is 11,122 polygons in LOD0, and 7,007 in LOD1. I hope most of you can run it?
*This hair is only available for teen-elder females, and is non-default.*

DISCLAIMER: I didn't make the original mesh, I just did all of the work getting it to work in Sims 3. 

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Explain To Me, 
This Conspiracy Against Me, 

P.S.(In the aqua that was supposed to happen last time): If you have any issues other than the transparency issues, please let me know so I can fix them. If not, enjoy.
You can use my work for anything, but please do not reupload unless you're bundling with a sim, in which case link back to my blog (preferably the page where you got the hair). You can retexture this mesh if you so desire, but please ask first. Please don't steal my work, including meshes, or textures. 


  1. Nice! I think it's a huge improvement. I like how much fuller you made it look. ;)

    Oh, and love the models. ♥

  2. Oooh I remember this hair! I think I used to actually have it in my game once upon a time...I think O.o Anyway thanks for this Moose! ◕‿◕