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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

You Just Met Somebody New (Newsea LemonGrass Moose'd)

*UPDATE* Hey everyone! So my links to the hair got botched because mediafire decided it wanted to change its mind regarding the link, so my link shrinker threw a fit and then none of you could find the files. Long story short, the links should be fixed, thank you  for letting me know, and I am SO sorry for not fixing the problem sooner.
*UPDATE #2* There is a huge issue between mediafire and my link shrinker, sorry, I will add alternate links for now, but will delete them when the issue is resolved. (This also means that none of my other retextures can be downloaded for now. My link shrinker promises to have it all fixed soon, but in case it doesn't, I will add alternate links later, but I can't now as I have a TON of homework to do)
Hello Beautiful people! I had a really wonderful break, and I sang and ate and socialized a lot, so I've been really happy lately. But I'm going back to school tomorrow, so everything is just going to go from wonderful to horrible very quickly. At the very least, I can see it coming, which is nice.

Sorry I haven't really been around, but I was honestly waiting for an awesome hair to retexture, but nothing came. Newsea was busy doing some fug updos and emo kid hair, Cazy has been busy transferring computers and won't post things until March, and Peggy is probably dead (although I REALLY hope she isn't). Anyway, I've wanted to do this hair for the longest time, because I remember sticking it in my game, and then not using it because it looked like a giant helmet-wig for people with heads twice the size of my sims. So I've fixed it. Now it only looks like a giant helmet wig, but fitted a little better to the size of my sims' heads.

This hairstyle's name is based on Robyn's song Call Your Girlfriend. I love this song so much.

Click to enlarge:






This hairstyle is 11,347 polygons in LOD0, and is 3,882 polys in LOD1. My only issue with LOD1 with this hair is that it is kind of ugly. So I mean, use at your own risk if your computer can't handle LOD0. 
*This hurrstyle is only available for teen-elder females. WAIT, don't get mad, I can explain. I am NOT lazy, its just that the younger child versions did this and looked really messed up in game. If I ever figure out how to fix this I will, but lets be honest, I probably won't. It is non-default, which means that you can have multiple versions in-game. (I might update with child versions if you guys REALLY want them, but chances are slim as I'll probably have to reconvert them for children and toddlers)*

DISCLAIMER: I did not mesh this, but I did play with it, and the textures are MINE. 

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And Then You Let Her Down Easy--

P.S. (A blonde enters a store that sells curtains. She tell the salesman, "I would like To buy a pair of pink curtains". The salesman assures her that they have a large election of pink curtains.He shows her several patterns, but the blonde seems to be having a hard time choosing.Finally she selects a lovely pink floral print.The salesman then asks what size curtains she needs. The blonde promptly replies, "fifteen inches" "Fifteen inches???" asked the salesman."That sounds very small, what room are they for?" The blonde tells him that they aren't for a room; they are for her computer monitor.The surprised salesman replies, "but Miss, computers do not need curtains!"The blonde says, "Hellllooooooooo ............ . I've got Windoooooows!): If you have any issues with my work, please let me know as soon as possible so I can fix it. 
Please use my work for anything you'd like, but please give me credit if you're bundling my retexture with a sim. Also, please don't steal my mesh-edit unless you ask first, and please don't steal my textures. 


  1. The links won't work. :(

  2. Oh no! The links aren't working.

  3. Links don't work for me either, I am just being redirected to mediafire's starting page. Weird.
    The retextures look gorgeous btw, as always :)

  4. Aaahh...glad it's not just me. I so want this hair to rplace the "helmet" version I have but the links aren't working for me, either. I will def check back, though and TY for sharing! <3

    1. I must say you are so right about Peggy, and to think of it that I pay to download her hairs. :/ I don't feel like she's giving "enough" for the money you pay.

      Thank you for this retexture. It's very nice!

      (p.s. Sorry that I'm replying on someone. Couldn't find the comment button. :) )

  5. Hi everyone! So I fixed the issue, thank you all so much for letting me know, and just know that I am REALLY really sorry for not fixing it sooner.

    I hope all of you like it :)

  6. hi metalmmose! Wonderful Work, i'm hoping that you retexture newsea goldleaf straigh version for all ages and without the acessory. And hope you update bfly 43 hair. Can you tell me how to remove acessories from the hair? I want to remove the newsea slow dance but i can't figure out how to do it. Can you help me? thanks

  7. Will do both, the retexture later than sooner, but I'm being attacked by schoolwork lately.

    It's something of a weird process. You have to open it up in TSR workshop and disable it as a hat, and then you have to convert it to package format and remove the lods that involve the actual hat part, and also remove them from the texture as well. I hope that helps!

  8. Sorry metalmoose. But for remove the lods is in tsr workshop? i don't get it that part.

    Also i'm very exciting that you will do both hairs. Thank you very much!!

  9. No worries. Not in workshop, you have to convert the whole thing into a package format with the Sims 3 Package Multi Installer, and then you have to open it up with S3RC. Then you can remove the hat lods. Keep in mind that they will be the smallest, and will typically be the smallest numbers. When in doubt, I suggest exporting each geom file and looking at them in milkshape. But anyway, definitely get rid of them, but only AFTER disabling the whole thing as a hat in TSR workshop.

    Also, keep in mind that the hair may have an issue under the hat. That's something that some creators really love to do.