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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I've Loved And I've Lost (Cazy Turn Moose'd)

Okay, so I'm on break, which means that I will be able to retexture a bit more often because I have a lot of time on my hands. Its probably because I have no friends, so I'm going to basically sit in my pajamas in front of the TV with my computer in my lap crying and waiting for a retexture-worthy stuff to come out. I hope you realize I'm kidding. I have friends. And things to do. I promise.

So when I saw this hairstyle I freaked out. I first saw in on S-Club like a million years ago, and I was like OMG AWT CAN YOU POST THAT LIKE NOW PLEASE, and he didn't respond. I now know why. The hair actually belongs to the wonderful and gorgeous and talented Cazy, and I wanted it as soon as she released it. Unfortunately, it wasn't posted until today, so thank goodness for my creepy stalky way of finding hairs.

Anyway, the hair's name is based on my current favorite radio song right now, Take Care by Drake. I'm aware of the song's origins, but I still prefer the Drake version for casual listening. For the curious, this song is a cover of Jamie XX's remix of I'll Take of You by Gil Scott-Heron. Scott-Heron's version does have its merits, though. There is so much more intention and pain and tenderness in his version. So much emotion. Drake's version is beautiful, I don't doubt that, but it lack's the intent of the original.

Click the images to enlarge:






This hairstyle is 10,942 polys in LOD0, and 6,734 polygons in LOD1. It might be a stretch for some, but most of you should be able to run it.
*This style is available for females of all ages and is non-default meaning that you can have multiple versions!*

DISCLAIMER: I did not mesh this, but I did retexture it, and the textures are mine.

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We both know,

P.S.(What's orange and sounds like a parrot? A carrot): If you have any issues with any of my files, let me know, and I will fix them as soon as possible.
Use my stuff for whatever you like, but please give me credit if you're including my retexture with an uploaded sim. Also, please no stealing of textures or reuploading. 


  1. Hey Moose,
    Do you do requests too? ^^

    Love your work! and you did an awesome job on this one. Thanks.

  2. Not really...

    But I'm open to suggestions! Whether I do it or not is definitely based on how much I like the actual content.

  3. I see. Because I really love the new hair Newsea did.

    But I feel like newsea's texture are always a bit too dark.
    Just like Peggy's. :)

  4. Oh. Well I actually already did it. You can find it here.

  5. Ah! I guess I missed it. ^^
    Thank you. :3

  6. Your textures look SO bomb in game, seriously.

    Here's a picture of this re-texture on one of my sims: http://i1135.photobucket.com/albums/m622/ameenahny/Screenshot-3.jpg


    Thank you for being awesome!

    1. Ohhh my! I love it when people take pics of my textures in-game, because they always come out looking SO much nicer than in mine! You have a wonderful graphics card, and your sim is STUNNING!

      Thank you so much, Ameenah!

  7. ... all the files are removed.