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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Mirror, Mirror Made No Reply (Peggy 131 Moose'd)

So as you know, I posted this before with a different name and different preview pictures, but a few hours after it went up, I realized that there was something that I should have fixed on the mesh (Cazy's bone assignments, and a balding issue that Cazy's conversion had). So anyway, to the 8 beautiful people who downloaded this yesterday, I ask that you forgive me and delete the previous version (called CazyPeggyJuice 89) and download this one. 

Yesterday, I discovered that this wasn't only worked on by Peggy, but also by Juice, and the version that you see here is Cazy's conversion, which is actually better than Peggy's conversion for reasons you will see below. I think that there is something romantic about the fact that 3 extremely talented creators all had a hand in creating the product that I present to you now, and I got to throw my name onto that list. 

Basically, this was something of a challenge for me, as Cazy's conversion only had ONE LOD, and it was LOD0, and I had to create 1-3. Also, LOD0's bone assignments were not smooth at all, so I went back and did that. I also removed the accessory to find (to my dismay) that there is a minor blip in the mesh that the accessory covered up. I don't think its too noticeable, but if its something that bothers you in the pictures, its something that will bother you in-game. 

This hairstyle's title is based on Give Me Your Eyes by The Cardigans.       

Click to enlarge:






Ketch Phrez.
This hair is 9,630 polygons in LOD0, and is 8,599 polys in LOD1. Most of all you lovely people should be able to run it in-game.
*This hair is available only for teen-elder females. This was repackaged with Daboobs because it didn't have any morphs in any version whatsoever, so it is non-default, which means that this version is original and should not conflict with anything else.*

DISCLAIMER: Original mesh is the work of Peggy and Juice and is owned by Peggy. It was later converted by Peggy and is seen on her website as #131. The original version was then converted by Cazy and is the version posted here, credit goes to Peggy for the original and Cazy for the conversion. LODs 1-3 are mine, and all bone assignments are mine. Textures are mine as well.

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Mirror Mirror Upon The Wall, 
Who is The Fairest of Them All?

P.S.(What is a cat's favorite color? Purrrrrrrrple. (can cats see colors?)): If you have any issues with my meshes, let me know, and I will fix them. 
Use my stuff for whatever you like, but please give me credit if you're bundling my stuff in a download (like uploading a sim). Please no claiming as your own work, stealing of meshes, textures, etc. If you want to use my version of something please ask.


  1. hi metalmmose. Great work, do you take retextures?? If yes can you do butterfly sims 43 for all ages? i love that hair

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    1. I'm actually really into that hairstyle, but I have to make all new male models as I lost all of mine. SO I mean, I'd need to get on that before anything.