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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

I Thought I Knew You Well... So Well (Newsea ColorOfWind Moose'd)

So the play I was in closed last night. It was amazing, I felt so good about my performance, and people really liked me in it. It made me really happy, and all of a sudden I have a TON of time. So yeah, that's nice.

So I really like this hair a lot. Its basically what Equinoxe should have been, so it was nice to not have to fix this one. Feels good, man. (Also, I'm aware that the brown looks really REALLY shiny. I lost the color I normally use, and I had to redo it, and I definitely redid it wrong. It will be back to normal next retexture).

Based on Sunday Morning by No Doubt.

Cick to enlarge:






This hairstyle is 11,122 polys in lod0, and 5,524 polygons in lod1. Most of you should be able to run it pretty well.
*This hairstyle is available for all ages, and is non-default, so you can have multiple versions if you're into that.*

DISCLAIMER: I didn't mesh this, the mesh was made by Newsea. The textures are mine though, I take credit for those.

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You sure have changed since yesterday,

P.S.(Orangeya glad I didn't say banana?): If there are any problems with my work, let me know, and I will fix said problems. Just let me know, though, because I can't read your mind and stuff.
Do what you want with my work, but please give me credit if you're bundling my work in a download. Credit for anything else is not necessary, but greatly appreciated. Please don't steal my textures.


  1. Let me first say that I was a little skeptical about your retextures upon seeing your presentations. I made the mistake by judging a book by it's cover. But let me tell you this right now....YOUR RETEXTURES ARE VERY GOOD!! OMG, I just downloaded like 5 of your retextures and they look fabulous in game. Seriously you're really good. I will never make that mistake again. Why do I like your retextures in particular. Well, I'm very picky about the hairs I put in game, let's face it, most hairs are really big package files. But your retextures adds vibrance to the hairs, my blondes look luscious, and for some reason your hairs don't have that ghastly white line that shows in dark colors in CAS. I mean it's there but not as prominent as hairs by Marianna, Poisideon, or that other girl. So I choose you, because if Anubis doesn't do the retexture, yours is a tad bit closer to his control. And I like those who take the time to perfect there hobby, or craft if you will. So now you have a new fan. Oh and I like the fact that you're learning how to fix messed up meshes. I think your work is superb, and this particular hairstyle I'm posting on, was done fabulous, by far my favorite hair in the game. Sorry for the long post, but I just wanted to let you know that your work is awesome, and I appreciate you sticking with your craft.

  2. Oh my Goodness anon, you just made my day :)

    Happy Valentine's Day!