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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Monday, February 6, 2012

'Cause Everyday's Like Talking In Your Sleep (Cazy Leigh Moose'd)

So like. Things are good. I'm finally catching up on all my homework and stuff. Feels good, man. I will soon be auditioning for another play though, so I hope it will go well.

I realized something today. I'm a texture snob. Like, I straight up cannot stand other people's textures. If I want a hair in my game, I HAVE to retexture/edit it. Let me tell you why. My shine actually looks like shine. Most other people's shine kind of looks like weird little streaks and stuff, and I do have the weird little streaks, but they are much smaller and much higher detailed. Also, my textures are in HD. All of my textures are double the resolution of everyone else's retextures/textures (with the exception of Gelydh) so they are compatible with HD graphics cards. Finally, I'm pretty positive that I'm the only creator (as far as I know) that doesn't have the 'skunk effect.' The skunk affect is when your hair has really gross white highlights in CaS, and there is no way to adjust them. I, on the other hand, do not have the skunk effect in CaS. I'm pretty sure even Anubis has that issue (and you know his work is ridiculously good, I'm not exactly sure how I avoid it).

Anyway, yeah. I've decided I'm awesome, and thank you to (some) of the people on MS3B for you kind words.

This hairstyle's name is based on Kimbra's Cameo Lover. I love this song. Also, I'm obsessed with Settle Down. Give 'em a listen.

Click to enlarge (also, its funny because my version is a smaller filesize than Cazy's original. Which is even funnier because my textures are twice the size):






Hello Chillun, this hurrstyle is 9,332 polygons in lod0, and 4,459 polys in lod1. Most of you should be fine, my friends.
*This hairstyle is available for female toddlers - elder females. This retexture is default replacement, which means you may ONLY HAVE ONE VERSION in your game.*

DISCLAIMER: I did not mesh this, Cazy did. I think she's amazing and incredibly talented. I made the texture, though, if that matters.

This is where my face goes, we can be friends if you want. Also, you can comment or subscribe to my blerg.

Keep him by my side,

P.S. (Don't google pink sock): If you have any issues with my textures, please let me know so I can fix them. 
You can use my work for anything you like, but please give me credit if you're putting my hair in a bundled download. Please do not reupload, please don't steal textures. Credit isn't necessary but appreciated (unless stated above. Which it was).


  1. "I realized something today. I'm a texture snob. Like, I straight up cannot stand other people's textures. If I want a hair in my game, I HAVE to retexture/edit it."

    And you shouldn't have to stand others people's texture, I know I don't. Your work have greatly improved since you started, in fact your work is far better than anubis.
    I hope you always continue to do what you do best and know that your work is appreciated.

    1. Now, no need to be ass kissing.

      Obviously Anubis has had much more experience with hairs, and people like his work better, seeing as Moose has 47 followers, and Anubis has 980 ;)

    2. I don't see the point in insulting either of them, so shut it you two.

    3. To the first Anonymous. First of all I don't do any "ass kissing", I have no reason whatsoever to do so I'm merely stating the facts and MY OPINION. Second, the only one who's "ass kissing" here clearly is YOU and spineless too for hiding under as anonymous.
      If you prefer anubis and wish to kiss HIS arse then I suggest you continue to do so and may head that way, just make sure your lips get close enough to his butt when you do that.
      Anubis might have more experience but that doesn't prove anything. He has A LOT improving to do and should be doing so but he seems more focused on having people like you blowing up his butt on facebook.
      If you noticed his latest creations/retexture' you would see (unless you're blind like you seem to) that they are not same quality like they are suppose to be.
      Metalmoose IS improving AND includes mesh to his creations Anubis is NOT.
      To the second Anonymous, you're not worth my time.

      Metalmoose, keep up the good work.

    4. @Anonymous Feb 9, 2012 08:16 AM
      Awwwwwwwww that SO CUTE!! ur defending ur boyfriend HAHHAHA!!
      im sure he will fak u even if there's ppl not likin his stuff
      anyone can have followers dear, just look at hitler, just takes a mindless biatch lik u to be a 'follower' METALMOOS U ROCK!!!!!

  2. Your textures ARE the best. I'm glad you know it :P

  3. SO the two of you just made my day. Thank you so much!

  4. I was here a few hours ago and a new hair was posted. Why did you take it down? Should I not put it in my game?

    1. P.S. It was called AS CazyPeggyJuice 89

    2. It's fine to put it in your game, but there were a few things that I wanted to change/fix. For example, I wanted to retake my preview pictures, because I forgot to add a scalp texture and it looked funny, and because I wanted to redo Cazy's bone assignments. It should be up tomorrow.

  5. The download link is broken! :(