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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Never Could Describe Such A Feeling (Newsea Harvest Moose'd)

Okay, I promise that this posting two days in a row won't become a habit, and I'll keep this shortish because I have school.

Basically, I really liked Newsea's newest hair, but someone on MS3B mentioned that it was too wide, and I thought it was a bit wide as well, so I tried to fix it and here we are.

(Sidenote: While everyone was eating turkey, I was teaching myself how to convert (with the help of Reis and some Anubis tutorials) and my adventures in attempted conversion taught me a few things, so that's how I fixed this a bit)

The title is based on All This And Heaven Too by Florence + The Machine. I think it may be my favorite song on their new album.

Click to make with the enbiggening (YAY PINK (don't judge, its casual)):






Okay, so bad news. This is available for all ages, but I didn't 'fix' (I say 'fix' because I know some people will argue that I didn't fix shit and made it worse or something, I garuntee it) the child and preschooler versions, those are the same. Additionally, you have to PICK BETWEEN EAC AND AS, because DABOOBS tends to forget bone files, which basically means that my previous hairs are not fatty friendly, so its time to go medieval on this shit again. So pick one.

Disclaimer: I did not mesh this hair, (but I did fuck around with the mesh, what do you think?) Newsea did, and they're nice people (I think?), if you feel like paying money for content that should be free, spend it on them.

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Poor Language Doesn't Deserve Such Treatment,

P.S.(In a pretty greenish color): If you have any problems with anything, shoot me a comment or something, and I'll fix it as soon as I can. 
Go ahead and use my things for whatever (that means that you can definitely use my mesh edit if you'd like to) credit is nice but not necessary (unless you're uploading it with a sim, or using my mesh edit, then I require it) and please no paysites. 


  1. Finally background's color changing! I tired to see aqua all the time. You should change the color every post!
    And the hair, I agreed it's too wide. And glad you can fix it as well

  2. Yeah, I think I like the background colors changing too, and I will definitely keep 'em different.

    I'm stoked about the fixing thing, actually, I know I'm no Reis, but I'll be able to fix tiny things, you know?

  3. Hi metalmoose, can you do a tutorial how to retexture hairs? Can you put some images to be easy to understand? I try do mines but it wont look good. Help me metalmoose

  4. To be honest anon, I actually learned how to retexture usingAnubis' hair tutorial, and it is REALLY helpful. Also, I have only been retexturing for about 8 months, and my methods are constantly changing. I hope this helps a bit, I just don't think I've perfected retexturing yet, and I don't feel confident enough to teach anyone how to do it.