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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Melody Potts

Alright! I know I said I'd upload Melody a really long time ago, but I obviously didn't. So I mean that's that, you know? I tend to delete thumbnails when I put things in my game, so tracking down ALL of her CC is a real bitch to do. It took about 2 hours, no joke.
Melody actually started out as my interpretation of what Lily Cole would look like as a Sim, but as beautiful has Lily Cole is in real life, her features didn't translate well into The Sims, and she turned out quite badly (you can see her in some of my much older retextures, she's quite the looker). Eventually, I gave her an extreme makeover, and now we have Melody! So here she is, I hope you guys take good care of her.

She's really excited to meet all of you!

Melody's parents had spent the first few years of their marriage trying to conceive to no avail. They had bought a large farm in Appaloosa plains planning to fill it with kids, but upon seeing a fertility expert, they found that Mrs. Potts had an incredibly slim chance of conception. Put off by this, the Potts signed on to adopt a child, and continued to work on their farm. Mrs. Potts' love of horses eventually led them to invest in breeding them, entering them in competitions, and selling them to good families. As their business grew, so did their number of horses, and as a result, caring for them took up most of the Potts' time. One night, on her way back to the house after cleaning her prize horse, a star fell from the sky and hit Mrs. Potts. She woke up the next morning dazed but unhurt, and told her husband. Not knowing what to make of it,  they continued their lives as normal. Months later, Mrs. Potts noticed that she was pregnant. 
Melody grew up healthy and happy on the farm, playing with the horses and all the other animals that she had convinced her parents to allow her to keep. Melody soon found that she truly loved all animals, and could never seem to spend enough time with them. As a result of spending so much time with her pets, Melody never really learned how to deal with people, and grew up quite shy. Because she spent so much of her time on a horse, Melody always felt more confident on a horse than on her feet, making her quite clumsy. She had a few good friends in High School, but was always teased for being a vegetarian, which never really bothered her anyway. When she graduated, she had planned on going to the local university in Appaloosa plains to help her aging parents on the farm, but her mother forbade her from doing so. When Melody protested, her mother told her the story about The Star, which her mother claimed had given her a certain quality that made her believe she was meant for greater things than breeding horses. Her mother told her to go to school in Bridgeport, so that she could see what she could make of herself. Melody now models for Moose Magazine in order to pay for her degree, which has earned her quite a bit of recognition in the Sims community. Melody doesn't know what her life holds for her in the future. Will Melody make it big and fulfill her mother's prophetic wishes? Or will her love for animals bring her back home to Appaloosa plains?

Just in case you didn't get all that, Melody is an Animal Lover, Shy, Clumsy, a Vegetarian, and has a Star Quality.

Non-Gif version here.

Catch Phrase!

2 versions for your downloading pleasure!
The first is the Package Version, which is Melody's .sim file and all of her CC in one handy place, additionally, I've included a CC list with sources inside. 
The Second is the Sims3pack Version, which is just Melody's .sims3pack file, which is SUPPOSED to include everything, but you can never really be sure when it comes to EA.
(I recommend the Package version, because this way you can just drop everything into your savedsims/ mods folder, and you can also check for conflicts)

Alright, now its CC list time!

Everyday shoes here
Everyday dress here or here
Formal shoes here
Formal dress hurr or harr
Athletic shorts ova nya or nya
Athletic shoes right here
Swimsuit here or here
Hair ovah hurr
Eyeliner is here
Lipstick is right here
Foundation (blush?) is here
Skin can be found here
Contacts can be downloaded here

Okay, so here's the thing, I realize the links for the Eyeliner, Lipstick, Skin, and Contacts are fishy as fuck (as are the links for the everyday dress and shorts, but those are booty, so its cool), but the eyeliner has disappeared off of the face of the earth because Subaxi was angry about something, the lipstick has been moved away from American reach because lemonleaf is angry at pralinesims, the skin's creator left and took down all of her work (I think I may have also edited it), and the contacts are edited by me (not because I don't like shady's work, but because I edited them to fit my game).

Everything not listed here is EA, so there you go! You will likely need all of the Expansions for everything to be perfect, but that might not necessarily be true either, so I don't know. I'm on Vicodin, wisdom teeth and all that jazz.

If you like my work, please sub, comment, or check out my facebook!

I hope you don't hold me responsible for my shit storytelling, I'm on (prescription) drugs,

P.S.(IN PINK): If there are any issues, shoot me a comment or an email (hairbymetalmoose@yahoo.com) and I'll fix it quickly.
Also, feel free to use Melody for anything you want, but I'd appreciate it if you gave me credit if you're using her as a model, also, please no paysites. ILOVEYOUALLHUGSANDKISSESOKAYTHANKSBYE.


  1. OMG! I was dying for this sim to be up for download. I didn't want to seem like some kind of creep.

  2. Thank you, thank you! And Erica, I was anticipating this upload since I spotted the sim waaay back : )
    metalmoose , thank you again, and even more for making your upload so handy and, shall say, stress free (with all the CC in one place)!

  3. I have always wanted this sim since seeing her in your hair previews. Thanks so much for uploading her!

  4. You guys are all VERY welcome, and thank you SO much for liking her! Its not creepy, actually, I've definitely done by the same thing.

    And Vin, I know that downloading Sims can really suck because you have to track down all the CC yourself, so I wanted to make it as easy as possible.

  5. I love love LOVE Melody! She makes the cutest babies in my game. If I ever learn how to take decent pictures in game, I'll send you some.

  6. I would love it if you did, NernersHuman, she's never had kids in my game before, now I'm thinking I should try it out :)

  7. I uploaded a couple screenshots to the exchange.

    The first is Seth Crenshaw, Melody's hubby.


    The second is Delaney Crenshaw, Melody and Seth's teen daughter. As you can see, she looks just like Melody but with her father's coloring.


  8. Oh my gosh, Delaney is adorable! I love this!