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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

'Cause He Was Looking At Me Like "Whoa!" (Peggy SGift July '11) Moose'd

So for those of you who haven't creeped hard, I'm currently 16, and still in Highschool. I'mma be a junior when school comes back around, and during school, I'm in my school's choir. So if anyone can appreciate an amazing falsetto, I can.

The song this hair's title was based on is incredible. I found it on accident today, and was surprised by how much I freaking loved it! The song is called My Kz Ur Bf and its by Everyone Everyone. I don't think they're very well known; in fact, I believe that the video that you're watching (assuming you've clicked the link) is their most viewed video. But my god, is it fantastic or what?

Now to the hair. So I've been waiting for a few days for Peggy's special gift for this month, and when it finally came out, I loved it and I was all stoked and all that jazz.

And then Adriana (zOMG she has a blog! (Although I have no idea why I'm plugging it, she has twice as many followers as I do)) was kind enough to point me to a download, and I stuck it in my game, and I hated it.

Soon after, I realized I has spent about an hour texturizing, and such, and it grew on me and I love it again. I'm not sure if that's a good thing, but hey, here it is.

Adjust-Shine is left, and EA Control is right (but not necessarily the correct choice (that was me trying to be funny)):






So yeah, I've decided I like this hair (Except for the fucking back, which stretched the living shit out of my beautiful textures). 

Is it just me, or is my blonde model almost always lying down?

This bitch was made with DABOOBS, so you can put all of it in your game. Just make sure that you don't use  the ALL files along with any other files. I hope you get the way things work around here. Or that you will at some point. Jeazus. 

DISCLAIMER: This was not made by me, it was meshed by Peggy, and I did the rest. The original files can be found here and here.

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Y'all are awesome!

P.S. (in aqua (I swear to god I thought it was Teal (I'm a horrible gay))): I forgot what I was going to say...
Um. If you're experiencing any issues with my files, let me know, and I'll fix them right up, yeah? Cool. 
OH YEAH! I have another hair for you, it should be up by 4 AM, if that, if not, I've passed out again. 
Also, P.S.'s will be in Aqua now, because I like it better.

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  1. Aww thanks metalmoose too talk about me like that XD and tha's a wonderful retexture ;3 I really like it a lot! If nubie or lotus can't do a retexture,well o can all ways count your support hehe.well take care and use very well your talent of retexturing. (sorry for my bad English)