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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Baby, That's Just Me (Anto 59 Converted by Savio Moose'd)

Oh gosh, I'm tired (as always), but I have a really good reason this time, I swear. California is quite hot. Its not searing, but its in that awkward area between pleasantly warm and uncomfortable, so we don't have that much ventilation where I live. Last night I went to sleep at a nice responsible hour (11PM) and I ended up waking at around 3AM. There was no way I was going to get any sleep, so I stayed up and worked on some upcoming stuff for you guys. Around 7 'o Clock, I got really drowsy, so I made myself some really good coffee; and I had 2 cups. At this point (about 12 hours later) I've crashed pretty hard. That's why I'm so tired. See? Good excuse, AND its a cool story.

Anyway, I've loved this hair from the beginning. It has definitely been my favorite hair for about 2 years, and there are very few hairs that I like better. I've retextured this hair (literally) 8 times, and at this point, I'm finally satisfied. It wasn't an easy hair to texture, because the mapping is a bit odd, but its pros make up for its cons, in my opinion.

This hairstyle's title was inspired by Demi Lovato's song La La Land, I love this song despite its origins because of its positive message and the fact that she can actually perform it. Say what you want about the girl, but she can sing.

Lets get to the previews, yeah? Oh, I also made my images smaller so you don't have to scroll to the left just to see them, I realize how obnoxious that can be (Adjust shine is on the left, and EA Control is on the right):






Well, as you can see, there are some issues with the texture mapping, but I still love this hairstyle to death. 

Both sets of files will work in your game at the same time thanks to DABOOBS.

DISCLAIMER: I did not mesh this. Nor did I convert this. Anto made this for The Sims 2, and Savio converted it. Props to them, these textures are mine, though. Original conversion can be found here.

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Heartsies Fartsies (I obviously really need sleep)!

P.S. (In Aqua): If any problems are found, then please notify me immediately, because I'm a sleep deprived mess, and I could have fucked something up. If so, just shoot me an email, or drop a comment or something, and I will fix it immediately. 

Also, listen to this again, because her live singing is amazing. All the puking made her voice all smokey, and it sounds awesome. Not that I encourage puking (unless you drank a lethal amount of alcohol), but her voice is crazy cool. I'm jealous. 

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  1. I love your textures! I think what you need to do is add some more depth. :) It is wonderful though!