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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lost In This Plastic Life (Newsea Jenifer Retex'd)

Its time for another retex everyone, but I have a few things to say first.

I recently read something that Aikea Guinea wrote over at Club Crimsyn, and it made quite a lot of sense. I have noticed that many people seem to have certain expectations with custom content, and it makes sense. There is a certain amount of quality that I myself expect before putting something in my game. Although I understand this, there is an excess of criticism and hateful comments in regards to creations posted. ESPECIALLY over at My Sims 3 Blog. It seems that people EXPECT creators to make certain things, and then proceed to lash out at said creators when their desires aren't met.

This is incredibly disturbing due to the fact that creators spend HUGE amounts of time on their work, and do not receive any compensation for it.

When I began retexturing a few months ago, I knew very little, and believed myself to be incredibly lucky to be featured over at MS3B. After coming back to read the comments, I almost quit creating for The Sims 3 altogether. The comments were harsh and uninhibited except for a few kind users who gave me words of encouragement and ideas to improve my work. Because my work was for myself rather than for everyone else, I continued to work and attempt to improve my work, and I have made quite a bit of progress in these few months.

Posting my work has been a great and completely terrible experience at the same time. On one hand, I've learnt so much about creating for The Sims 3, and on the other, I've experienced quite a bit of the ignorance and cruelty prevalent of The Sims 3 CC community. I managed to get over the comments, and tough it out and learn from my mistakes, and grow as a creator (although I am STILL learning).

The only issue that I'm having is that the posting process alone takes easily twice as much time than the actual creation process, and personally, I don't know why I'm doing this anymore. The majority of the people who post over at MS3B are DISGUSTING, OBNOXIOUS people, and its amazing that most people haven't quit creating altogether.

What I'm saying is that being a creator for The Sims 3 fucking sucks, and is fucking difficult to boot. The only appeal is creating something that I like, and finding that (some) people like it enough to put it in their game as well. But the thing is that the abuse of creators over at MS3B is way too much. Basically, if you like someone's work, please defend it, because they aren't going to know that its good if someone doesn't tell them. All I know about your opinions of my work are the things that you say about it, and that's how it is for everyone.

TL;DR: Try to avoid being an ass about feedback, we don't owe you SHIT. Fuck all of you, except for those who have something constructive to say, or are thanking creators.

Lets get to the hair, yeah?

The title is inspired by Lost In The World by Kanye West.

I actually really like this hair, flyaway hairs and all.

I figured out a better system for picture taking, so the old system is back Adjust-Shine on the left, EA Control on the Right:






Have something to say about my image editing skills? Fuck you, I'm unhappy today. 

Things have changed. You can put all the shit you want in your game, because they no longer conflict. Basically, you can have Adjust-Shine and EA Control in your game. YAY LEARNING.

You'll get your file names when I get the Toddler and Child Files. (That means they're not currently available. Downloading will get you the T-EF file, thats it for now).

Disclaimer: I did not mesh this, Newsea did. You can find the original hair here. You should definitely pay for it. (Trolololol)

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Thank you for visiting,

Do what you want with my work, but give me and Newsea credit, and NO PAYSITES.


  1. Good for you for standing up for yourself and all the other creators. I cerainly couldn't do any of this, so thank you and everyone else for the amazing CC items.

  2. Alright, I am going to take offense to this.

    "This is incredibly disturbing due to the fact that creators spend HUGE amounts of time on their work, and do not receive any compensation for it."

    How what I am taking offense? that some creators are in fact receiving compensation for it, TSR pays Featured Artists and that is just one example, Peggy have a subscription system and we have the "donation system" that is employed by many.

    Now your argument about unreasonable criticism is for the most part correct, there is but I can point out the reverse of the coin ... that is the "thank you", a comment that adds nothing and TSR is filled with those, its about as useful as unreasonable criticism and you have to deal with both.

    Also you should not expect MS3B readers to help you, not because they are disgusting, obnoxious people but because they DONT have the know-how to even give you any advice ... what you want then to do?

  3. I love your blonde Sim. I agree with your post about MS3Blog. At least they never accused you of being someone you're not... You don't know what happened to me do you? lol

  4. ^ excuse me? What you just said was a bit unreasonable. Yes I can't give advice on how to make anything but metalmoose is right about the sims 3 cc community. I know how hard it is because I read a lot of the comments on ms3b and there's a lot of disrespect. I don't know if you remember but Helene stopped creating because of the disrespect and rudeness and her creations were wonderful.I'm sorry moose what you've been through and I think you're improving well. I'm on your side for this and I'm glad you can stand up for yourself. Good luck

  5. ^ Sorry not to you shyne the anon above you.

  6. LOL I know it's all good. I just think that the people at MS3Blog need to get laid... All they do is bitch. They need to get away from the computer screen for a while... experience the real world lol

  7. I guess that I forgot to include those who participate in paysite stuff as creators.

    What happened to you, Shyne?

    Thank you all for you kind words.

  8. They accused me of being another creator under this name. I could never represent my own work.
    Also, can you please upload some of your Sims? They're all pretty awesome :D

  9. hi metalmoose,
    your words somehow touched me, as you are completely right with what you say.
    I never created anything, but I download stuff for my game almost every day, and I am thankful but I think I never did actually say thank you to any of the creators.
    I kind of agree with anonymous whoever he or she is - 'thank you' is no constructive contribution, but I understand your ponit of view - if nobody tells you that your crations are worth downloading (and they definately are let me point that out), you surely doubt about if creating things/uploading them to a website at all is worth it.
    So- let me once again say: thank you metalmoose, honestly-meant, without you and all the other people who spend time with creating things for the sims game it would not be the same, it would probably not be fun at all.
    and your hair looks so much better than newsea's. Fuck paysites.

  10. Shyne, that blows big time. And I've been thinking about uploading them, I just have to give them real names and personalities right now. They're basically born from the random button and heavily edited from there.

    and Amera, your words made me feel so warm and fuzzy, I could definitely explode right now. Like for real, that was the nicest thing anyone on the internet has ever said to me.


  11. I must say I agree, with you and Aikea. Though TSR comments are useless because users are prohibited from posting criticism of any kind. I have NEVER seen constructive criticism because people are too afraid to give it - and dare I say, lack the standards to feel that way.

    Would you mind telling me what freckled skin it is you use?

  12. Thank you for your comment, Anon, the skin can be found here.

  13. I just found your blog from MS3B and agree with you about the comments people post over there.

    Just want to say your work is amazing and very much appreciated. I don't know my ass from my elbow about making stuff for the Sims so am ever thankful to people like you who do, and so beautifully at that.

  14. Hi metalmoose, can you do a tutorial how to retexture hairs? Can you put some images to be easy to understand? I try do mines but it wont look good. Help me metalmoose