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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cause They're Calling, Calling, Calling Me Home (Newsea Emerald Retex'd)

Oh my god, you will not believe the dumbfuckery that ensued upon the opening of this fucking file. Jesus Christ. Newsea very clearly has no idea what they're doing. Of course, I don't have any idea what I'm doing either, but I know enough to know that they really fucked this one up. I mean Jesus. I shouldn't have to royally sodomize my textures just to get the hairstyle to fucking make sense.

The title is based on a song by Ellie Goulding, but the song that I actually like is a mashup of her song and a voilin version of Kanye's All The Lights by The Hood Internet, you can find it here, and its freaking incredible.

Anyway, retexturing this was quite the experience, and I've become a better retexturer person as a result.

Lets get down to business, yes? Yes:





Control (Adjust Shine on the Left, EA Control on the Right):

Oh Dayumn! I realize my previews are now fucking humongous, but this way, you know what you're getting. AWWwwwwwww YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHhhhhhhhhhh.

You should know the rules by now. If you don't know how to do things, read previous posts. If you ask dumbfuck questions, I will call you a dumbfuck. Only use EITHER Adjust-Shine or EA Control, not both. IF you want all the hairs (pf-ef) then use the ALL file and ONLY the all file. If not, then pick and mix and match. Mesh included.

The hair will unzip to about 23-24 megabytes, but you're only putting about 12 in your game as a maximum. 

(Calling Me Home (AS Newsea Emerald -ALL) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (AS Newsea Emerald -C) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (AS Newsea Emerald -F) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (AS Newsea Emerald -P) Moose Retex.package).
EA Control:
(Calling Me Home (EAC Newsea Emerald -ALL) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (EAC Newsea Emerald -C) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (EAC Newsea Emerald -F) Moose Retex.package), (Calling Me Home (EAC Newsea Emerald -P) Moose Retex.package).

DISCLAIMER: I didn't make this hair mesh, I only fixed the textures. It is made by Newsea, and can be found ovah nya. All credit goes to Lotus for removing the trackers from the files, if not for her, some poor sap would have gotten their paypal info published all over the interwebs. Her version can be found here.

I managed to get through a post! YES. Anyway, if you like what you're looking at, you can sub with a handily little follow tool, if you're feeling generous, you can click an ad, and if you're feeling nice, then please comment!

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  1. Did you have any problem opening the file? Because the package you're using isn't the original released by newsea, but the one I did (so I could get rid of trackers). However I don't get how the texture is wrong, since I clearly didn't put the roots channel on the tips (http://i.imgur.com/aEESI.png).
    In short, I don't understand what are referring to, the package and my control or the original ones?

  2. Nononono, the texture isn't WRONG, I managed to get a hold of Newsea's textures and they're the same, I was commenting on how I was forced to put roots on the tips where the hair is 'tied' for the ponytail because of the way Newsea assigned the textures. Because of the way they were assigned, there would be roots were the ponytail begins, so I put roots where the tips would normally go in the section that meets the ponytail.

    In short, the issues I had with the hair were all Newsea's fault and not yours. I didn't have any issues with the file, you did a great job.

    By the way, is it okay with you that I used your files for my version? I ask because if I use yours its easier to begin working on the hair sooner, if you'd prefer that I don't use your version, I'll understand and refrain from using your files. For now, I've edited this post to credit you.

  3. Oh I see and I agree with you, NewSea sometimes gets the mapping really confusing. I kind of understand that he puts the roots where the ponytail begins because that part is darker without the 'sunlight' getting directly over it, but still think it's weird when the roots have different colors from the rest of the hair. ;/

    And it's totally fine to use it, it should be free in the first place. :)

  4. A lot of hairs have mapping issues... it's the ultimate challenge for the hair retexturer. The thing I struggle most with is shine placement.