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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Oh Na Na (Whats my name?) (Newsea Lamb Retex'd)

So I'm not even sure if I'm going to retexture Newsea's Jump, I don't really like it, I think its ugly. I might later on, but I can't find a link right now, and I really want a nap, so instead of leaving you with nothing, I'm posting a hair that I made for a sim that I'm going to post over at Garden of Shadows at some point.

The name is inspired by Rihanna's song; What's My Name?, because its a nice relaxing song, and Drake's voice sounds awesome, its so deep and soothing and stuff, computers aside.

Adjust-Shine is going downtown on the left, and EA Control is losing its mind on the right:






I've liked this hair for a while, and I'm glad I finally got around to retexturing it with my new textures, which I think are a large improvement over my previous ones. 

Please use ONLY ONE VERSION. This has never actually been a problem, but I'm not about to let it become one. Please use the ALL file if you want all the ages at once, if not you can mix and match with the remainders.

Unzipped, the files will total to about 21 megabytes, but you'll only be putting a maximum of 12 in your game. (If that).

(Oh Na Na (Newsea Lamb - ALL) Adjust-Shine Moose Retex.package), (Oh Na Na (Newsea Lamb -C) Adjust-Shine Moose Retex.package), (Oh Na Na (Newsea Lamb - F) Adjust-Shine Moose Retex.package), (Oh Na Na (Newsea Lamb - P) Adjust-Shine Moose Retex.package)
EA Control:
(Oh Na Na (Newsea Lamb - ALL) EA Control Moose Retex.package), (Oh Na Na (Newsea Lamb - C) EA Control Moose Retex.package), (Oh Na Na (Newsea Lamb - F) EA Control Moose Retex.package), (Oh Na Na (Newsea Lamb - P) EA Control Moose Retex.package)

I just realized posting filenames is a huge bitch to do. Gah. 

DISCLAIMER: I did not make this hairstyle. It was made by Newsea, and you can find it if you click this underlined blue orange thingie

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You can do whatever with my work, but please use my work for good things, and not evil things (example being paysites). Also, gimme and Newsea credit by linking back here. Also, please don't steal my textures from my hairs, I made those from scratch, I'd appreciate it if you didn't touch them. 

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