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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Friday, July 6, 2012

I Ain't Got The Time, And If My Daddy Thinks I'm Fine (Newsea Spotlight Moose'd)

I'm very very aware that I've done this hairstyle before, I'll explain why I did it again in a bit, but I'm going to go on a very short rant here. (The rant is in asterisks)
**My issue with the sims community is that no one actually helps anyone else. Back when I first did this hair everyone told me I sucked, and after taking a look at my work, I'd have to say I agree with the fact that I REALLY REALLY sucked. But the problem was that a lot of other people would tell me that my work was great, and that I should just ignore the trolls, and I did. As a result of ignoring them, I kept cranking out terrible stuff, and I've been cranking out terrible stuff ever since. My issue is that I'm learning as I go, but that means that every time I learn something new, all of my prior work is no longer relevant. For example, I just got rid of all the hairs in my game from before April. The reason I did this is because I simply cannot use them in-game anymore, I can't put them on a Sim and then watch the Sim wear those hairs anymore, because all I can see is how bad they are. I threw out a majority of them because they tend to stick out literally feet in front of my sims, but some of them were due to bad bone assignments. I'd like to know when I'm going to stop cranking out things that I'm going to get rid of a month later. Because of everything I've learned, my standards for hair in-game are ridiculous. I can't use Anubis fixes anymore. I'm actually getting to the point where I can't use any hair that anyone else makes with the exception of Cazy and Reis.
I don't really know what to do, or where I'm going with this, I'm just frustrated. Now that I know how to make meshes work almost exactly the way I want them to, I can't put anyone else's work in my game. Its driving me nuts. I'm just going to go back and do all of my favorite hairs all over again. I think I'm going to start with Newsea, because most of Newsea's stuff has a really good foundation, and I can edit their stuff as opposed to fully converting everything. I have a hair by SkySims and one by Butterfly in the works, but I don't really have the patience to fix their sloppiness.
And I know how horrible this sounds, but where is my recognition? I put so much work into these meshes and I feel like no one cares because I'm not Anubis. Maybe I would have been better off stopping when everyone told me I should have. But hey, no one is telling me to stop now.
I guess encouragement is better than telling someone to stop creating because with time, the creator will get a lot better if they're willing to teach themselves. I'm just miffed because I spent a year cranking out trash.

Quick life update: I've been doing a lot of socializing and partying, and I went on a first date with this really nice guy last night. Which is why I haven't been posting. I have 3 hairs ready to post at this point, and I'm only just now taking and editing pictures.
Is it normal to meet your date at 7PM and get dropped off back home at 2AM? I mean, we watched a movie, but how long do dates typically last? Even without the movie we were able to stand each other for 5 hours, and that means our whole date lasted a total of 7 hours. It wasn't boring, it wasn't uncomfortable, and I didn't feel pressured into having sex with him, it was just nice. It's actually really great, because I never thought that anyone would be attracted to me, but I guess he must have been, otherwise why did he ask me out and why did he deal with me for 7 hours? I want to go out with him again. Is it a good sign? I mean to those of you who have dated, does dinner and a movie and then sitting on the beach talking for hours warrant a good date? I'm new to all of this. Rant over.**


^Sorry about the wall of text.^I liked this hairstyle, but I thought it was too massive to be a thing, so I shrank it. The bone assignments are Newsea's but I added some minor breast assignments, because I added a thin morph and it clipped with shirts by Icia23. Only Icia23, strangely enough. I guess her stuff has big boobs than most other stuff. Unfortunately, the tips CAN look a tiny bit squashed when Breasts are at maximum size, but its better than clipping, in my opinion. Oh by the way this hair has a new experimental texture. The EA version doesn't use my texture as a diffuse, it uses EA textures. I'm taking EA control to a new level, everyone!

By the way, shout out to Reis, who helped me fix the hair when it looked like this(the hair was meant to be blonde in that image. Reis is a life saver).

This hairstyle's name is based on Amy Winehouse's song Rehab. The fact that she's dead makes me sad. What makes me sadder is that I didn't have as much of an appreciation for her when she was alive, and now that she's dead, I love her work. What does that say about me?

Click to enlarge:





Catch Phrase!
This hairstyle is 12,806 polygons in LOD0. In LOD1, this version is 7,913 polygons. The original version had a LOD1 with somewhere around 5,000 polygons, but it was ugly in-game, so I made it prettier, but also bigger.
*This hairstyle is only available for teen-elder females. I don't usually support children having ridiculous hair, I  was not in the mood for converting my version for kids and toddlers, especially because its so dang glamorous.*
Somehow this hair is compatible with breast sliders AND fat sliders despite being so crazy high poly.

-Press CTRL + S to download when you reach the page-
(or go up the to left-hand corner and click file, and select download from the drop-down menu)

DISCLAIMER: I did not mesh this, the Newsea guys did. I am responsible for the new shape, but Newsea's morphs are there, except for the breast morphs, which are mine. 

Here is my facebook, and my tumblr, and you can also subscribe to my blog. Additionally, you can comment, any of those will make me happy. All four will make my day. 

I'd Rather Be At Home With Ray, 

Don't hesitate to let me know if you have issues with anything at all, I will fix them as soon as I can. 

I'd love for you to use my work in any picture taking or movie making you may want to do. Please don't re-upload anywhere, and only upload with a sim bundle if you're prepared to link back to this page. Please don't attempt to steal my textures, please don't retexture this fix without my permission, and please don't claim as your own. 


  1. Oh yes, I nearly forgot, alternate links for anyone who has trouble with google drive:

    EA Control


    1. *drops to knees and bows* thank you for google drive is evil! ; w ; And before yes your work was terrible but we're all terrible when we first start on anything. Now you're flipping fantastic and I'd like to site this hair as proof. ^w^

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  2. no no no :(
    please don't stop... i actually don't use nubie's fixes anymore cause his no longer fast enough.. it's good to have variety, y'know. I actually didn't really care for your re-textures at the start.. but you have proved yourself of so much. Please keep creating, yes? Even if its for a minority, mmkay ^^

  3. Please never give up. I am a huge fan of your work and this is stunning! This is one of my favorite styles but the original (newsea) looks horrible in game. I love what you did with this. I have many of your fixes in my game and look forward to them.

  4. These days, I always look for your version first. And that's *because* I know you're going to fix them. I didn't use this particular hairstyle in the past because the shape of it just looked awful to me. It had unrealistic weight on one side of the head, and reminded me of a wig. Your fix and retexture looks beautiful, and now I'm actually excited to try this hair out!

  5. Moose, you are a miracle worker! I never ever liked this hair because it was just too unnatural and big and ugly. At first, I didn't even know it was the same hair!! You turned something terrible into a really pretty, natural looking hair! Sure, some of your older textures weren't the best, but you have gotten so much better with fixes and textures. You are in my top three for retextures/fixes. I don't know why you aren't more popular, but please keep creating for those of us who have recognized your talent :)

  6. You're EA textures look so great! also, I've always hated this hair because of the size, but with your fix it is now a must have!

    And that date does sound very special, I'm glad you've found someone who can make you happy!

    1. Oh! and your hairs and Reis are my personal favorites! For some reason Anubis' EA highlights are even too shiny for me :P

  7. I'm going to admit when I first found your work, I didn't really like it. And even through I wanted to post criticism. Like sometimes you would lower a hair down on the head and it would look squashed or I didn't like your textures. But I never know if I should say anything because some people are very sensitive and will take it the wrong way. But these days I feel you on the right track. Even through I like skysims styles I've given up downloading them original or not. That floating thing their hair does gets on my nerves and no ones seems to be able to flatten it. Ditto for Butterfly the pair seem to be competing for worst executed hair. I think newsea, cazy and even peggy are doing great hair these days. Carry on the great work and I'll carry on downloading :D

  8. I remember when you first started out, and when I compare then and now, and the amount of time that's past by, I'm pretty blown away. You fix hair meshes so that they're more proportionate- I'd love to see what you could do with some older hair meshes no one's touched, provided they're salvageable.

    Chedderprime sort of sums up why critique is sort of a misaligned form- the people who really want to give advice/feedback are often the ones who don't want to scare a new creator away, while those who would simply go 'you suck' could care less about giving a basis for their opinion. It happens everywhere, from the Sims 3 community to Deviantart. My own opinion always was 'even if I don't like what they do now, I want to see what they do next'.

    It was one of the reasons I was glad anonymous commenting was turned off on MS3B finds blog; too many commented things they usually wouldn't if there was a name attached, and people trying to give fair critiques were getting drowned out by people looking to troll badly.

  9. I too was not fond of your textures in the beginning. I didn't think they were bad. They just weren't my cup of tea. I honestly didn't want to say anything as the comments at MS3B could be so horrendous. There were just so many trolls. I didn't want to add to the negativity. As you know, recently I downloaded one of your hairs and I was thrilled with how it looked in game. So I've since downloaded most of your work. I love what you are putting out these days, and you are one of my favorites. So please keep up the great work. I personally can't do squat with meshes, retextures, or anything Sims 3 related so I have a lot of respect for creators. Hell, I messed up trying to create a painting. (Something I could do in Sims 2.) It amazes me how much work goes into custom content these days. Thanks again.

  10. All of you are fantastic, there I went off with my conceited and bratty rant, and you guys go on and tell me specifically WHY you guys like my work. It just makes me feel grateful to have people who appreciate what I do.

    I don't think I could ever really quit simming because of people like you guys.

  11. No, my sims aren't wearing make up in the pictures :)

    And this is again a beautiful retexture, as always! <3

  12. Yeah your version is always the best to me and no offense to Anubis but honestly I like your textures better lol. You're quicker and to me much more efficient. And everyone need to rant sometimes, keeping things bottled up is bad for you. ◕‿◕

  13. Pretty much all of my hairs in the game are yours. I like your re textures better than anyone else's generally, and I may or may not check this every day to see if you have any new ones out yet....

  14. You are the best retexturer! :D but I think beaverhausen works with more intressting meshes than you. So can you please retexture some of his retextures?

    That would be awesome:)

    (I know my English is bad, but I am from Sweden and just 14 years old, so I hope you understand it anyway)

  15. I love your rextextures. I don't really use Anubis's retextures at all because there are so many others that look more better to me in my opinion and yours are one.I do admit, When I found you a year ago I did look at your work like eh, it could be better, but you definately weren't the worst. Don't give up retexturing! I like the fact that you edit hair and make them prettier and more wearable

    Also, that sounds like that perfect date and the start of something special if you ask me. Any guy who enjoys sitting and just talking for hours is good in my book, because many don't care for actual conversation. I'm happy for you and wish you the best of luck!

  16. your hairs are awesome, most of them are your retextures coz i love that that you fix the mesh too. i love the adjust shine version, it's perfect. keep up the good job.