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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fuck Me Good, Fuck Me Long, Fuck Me Numb (Cazy CarpeDiem Moose'd)

So I said that this would be uploaded yesterday, but it wasn't because family happened and I haven't seen them in like 13 years, so it may or may not have been somewhat important.

So Reis made a version of this, and this is a modified and retextured version of that version. I loved Reis' version because of the awesome poly reduction, but I couldn't deal with the wideness, which is Cazy's bad. I feel like I'm just making everything less volumized lately. Oh well, I believe it looks better. All of Cazy's morphs and bones are still there, but I added a thin morph because I don't like floaty hairs. This will be the last version I release of this hair unless I end up taking the time to redo the texture assignments, which I probably won't.
Also, from now on, my EA control is completely different, the actual highlights are more clearly visible, and I will be using EA's textures for them. Back in the days of Sims 2, people used to do Maxis matching, and that's what my EA control basically is. Additionally, this hair and all future hairs have bump maps. The EA bump maps are very detailed, while the AS bump maps are essentially there to ensure that there won't be any bump mapping. EA is going for realism while AS is going for wiggy and plastic like. That being said, I like my hairs wiggy and plastic like, but now EA control is more work as I now have to make two completely different sets of textures. You can see an example HERE. They each have their own control and specular as well. Which means twice the work although I'm only using AS versions anyway. Don't tell me I don't give you guys the best that I can, because I really do. 

This hair's name is based on Frank Ocean's Novacane. I know that the original retexture of this hair was based on a song by Of Montreal, but I'm obsessed with Frank's stuff, and this is basically a completely new hair anyway.

Click to enlarge, I guess:





Hurray! Catch Phrase!
This hairstyle is 10,050 polygons in LOD0, and 4,312 in LOD1. (The original version is 11,089 and 5,555; so Reis deserves gratitude, lots of it.)
*This hairstyle is available for teen-elder females only, as I'm lazy and there's too much glamour involved for children. As always, the hairstyle is non-default. I'd rather spend an extra hour taking apart and reassembling the orignal than replacing it.*
This hairstyle is fully compatible with fat and breast morphs.

-Press CTRL + S to download when you reach the page-
(or go up the to left-hand corner and click file, and select download from the drop-down menu)

DISCLAIMER: I did not mesh this. I didn't particularly fix this, I didn't even reduce the polycount! I just reduced the wideness. The meshwork was done by Cazy. The removal of the extra strands that removed the  extra 1,000 polygons was done by Reis. The textures and this version are only mine because I reduced the wideness and added another morph.

If you like my work, you can also find me on facebook, and my sim tumblr. If that don't tickle yer fancy, you can follow me here on blogger or just comment to let me know how you feel about my work.


Please give me a heads up if you have any trouble with this, so I can fix it. I know I may be hard to get a hold of, but I WILL see it eventually.

I would love it if you decided to use my work in a video or picture, but please don't upload anywhere. The only time I'm okay with people uploading my work is if it comes in a sim bundle and I am GIVEN CREDIT. I've found my work on the exchange before without any credit given and it just makes me feel dirty. Please don't retexture this hairstyle until 3 weeks have passed since I've posted it. You can post your own retexture of this on August 16th, 2012, but please no earlier than that. Also, don't steal my textures or claim as your own work. Have a nice day.


  1. A lot of us appreciate all the work you do on the textures. ^^
    (and fixing, but you said you didn't do much to this one.)

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  2. Thanks Katty!
    And for all of you cockamamie kids having trouble with google drive:


    EA Control


  3. Thanks so much for the volume reduction. I hate wide hairs that look like wigs. Really, really nice job.

  4. Metal, I don't know how to download anything from your side that uses this ADF thing. I always skip the ad part and it takes me to google drive, and pressing CTRL + S downloads the page. You mediafire links are blocked because it says they violate some terms or something, so I'm pretty lost. Help me please.

    1. I'm not entirely sure what the issue is, but if you can't figure it out, just email me at hairbymetalmoose@yahoo.com, and I'll send you the files, although I might take some time to respond.

      I've double checked all of the links and they seem to work fine, so like I said, if you have any additional trouble, shoot me an email.

  5. Download with IE,than you have no problems. thanx Metalmoose!!!You have beautiful hairs!

  6. It looks much better. I use Firefox, and it downloads perfect.

  7. Thank you for all your hard work! I really love the EA Control and I am sorry it is so much work for you but I really really appreciate it!! I am very picky on what I add to my game and I always add your hairs.

    I use Google Chrome and never have a problem downloading.

  8. Ah Moose, you may not have done much (according to you c:) this time but the reduced wideness makes it brilliant :D and your new EA control looks just divine :D <3 you ^_^

  9. Thank you for all the work (even if you don't consider it a lot) you put into these hairs, I really appreciate it. Would you consider fixing the floating problem on this hair. I know that anubis did fix the textures but the hair still floats :(

  10. Just letting you know I'm having the same problems as some of the above...I've tried firefox (what I usually use) and IE and I still can't download. And it says your mediafile links have been taken down.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I'll think about it Chedderprime, but I have a huge list of hairs that I'm currently working on.

    Sorry about the download links expiring, here are some from box.


    EA Control

    I should have known about TSR getting the links removed, sorry again, everyone.

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