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Friday, October 28, 2011

Stop Makin' A Fool Outta Me (Butterfly 18 Moose'd)

Oh my gosh, it's been a ridiculously long week. I straight up feel terrible, and after this, I'm definitely just going to conk out, I'm not feeling as lovely as I should.

Anyway, this hair was quite some trouble. I DID have access to Butterfly's files, as you will be able to see, thanks to my good friend Sunset, but after quite some time, I decided to go with Anubis' meshes (thank you so much for them, Anubis!). Both sets of meshes have issues, (Bfly's have no slider support, have alien head syndrome, and have a horrible animation; Anubis' have no slider support either, but the head (while wider) fits quite nicely, and although there are a few gaps in the mesh, the animations are lovely) but Anubis' came out on top in my book.

Anyway, this hair's title is based on Mark Ronson and Amy Winehouse's Valerie. It's quite pretty, although I hate the Glee and Bruno Mars versions, fuck those versions. And if you're down with those versions, fuck you too (Just kidding, to each his own, but I really do truly hate them).

Click to enlarge:






This hair is only available for teen-adult, because I've deemed it too glamorous for old women, just change the caspart or send me an email for an elder enabled version, because I DGAF. THANK YOU TO DABOOBS.

DISCLAIMER: This mesh was done by Anubis, and was based on Butterfly's original mesh. Buy Butterfly's here, download Anubis' version here.

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Additionally, please avoid using my files on paysites, and give me credit. Other than that, you may do as you please.


  1. lol the before looks so weird... thanks for this.

  2. Looks much better now, and your sims are beautiful. :)

  3. Okay I'm not a fan of this hair but holy crap you did an amazing job fixing it!