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Monday, October 31, 2011

In Your Eyes, I'd Like To Stay (Butterfly 38 Moose'd) *UPDATED 12/8/11*

In a nutshell, my life is being tired. Hopefully, things will change.

Okay, so I'm really excited about this retexture because I successfully edited the mesh by myself without any help. Bam. I feel awesome. But honestly, being realistic here, I didn't really do anything, I looked at the mesh, I tried to shrink it so that it would fit the head better, but that was a disaster. I managed to successfully shrink it down to the head, but I really wanted to maintain the hair's original length, so I ended up moving the mesh down a bit (all this took about 4 hours). I realize that some people will think that the hair looks ugly anyway, that I did a terrible job with the texture, etcetera. Basically, I think that the hair looks cute now, and anyone who thinks its a problem can stick to the alien head version. To address the texture issue, I blame butterfly's texture assignments, which are complete trash. Don't get me wrong, the hair is beautiful, but the texture assignments are sloppy, and can even be seen in the original.

Post will speed up now, because I want to sleep.

Title is based on Katy Perry's song Thinking of You. Lets get one thing straight about Katy Perry. I absolutely despise Katy Perry. I'll leave it at that, but I like this because this song reflects the kind of artist I think she should have become.

Click to enlarge:






Cootch Phruz.
This hair is only available for teen-elder females as I have no idea whatsoever as to how to convert this for children and preschoolers. But I'm learning, woooo. Anyway, thank daboobs for this, because otherwise this wouldn't have been possible. No more Daboobs, sorry.

EA Control

(The original version is no longer available because it had THIS problem)

UPDATED Adjust-Shine


DISCLAIMER: I did not mesh this, but I did edit the mesh and texture. The original is by Butterflysims and is located here.

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Thinking of you,

P.S.(I hope you like it!): Please do not ever hesitate to tell me if there is anything wrong with my retextures, and I will fix them ASAP. 
Use my work for whatever you please, if you're posting sims, give me credit, no credit needed for use in previews, no paysites. 


  1. Thank you for this re-texture !
    I downloaded the other hair by butterflysims and the texture is horrible in game !

    Thanks again Moose !

  2. Yes! Thank you! I hate it when the hair sits high!

  3. Hi, do you have any idea why this happens? Thanks. (:

  4. Fixed, thank you for letting me know :)