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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

It's Okay Not To Be Okay (Anto 81 Moose'd)

Hey kids, It's been about a week or so, and a lot has happened since then. I finally got Pets and it murdered my game, but I backed everything up, so I had to reinstall everything, and I got it to work with (most of) my CC.

In my personal life, I had to get stitches on Monday because I got kicked in the head (assisted cartwheel, ankle to temple, blood all over the place). Then on Friday during my rehearsal for The Musical, I noticed a pain in my lower right stomach, and began to google things. Apparently, if anyone has a pain in their lower right stomach, they are in danger of having appendicitus. Anyway, I went to the emergency room again for the second time that week, and I got a cat scan, and I had to get my appendix taken out. After the surgery, I was in so much pain I couldn't even lay down, so I didn't get any sleep that night. Last night, I had the same issue, and long story short, I had to sleep sitting down. But the good thing is that I'm not dead.

Anyway, this hair is definitely a preference call, but I believe that my texture is shinier. Additionally, I realize that I'm violating Cazy's terms, but I've never gave any fucks before, and I don't give any now. Additionally, it isn't Cazy's mesh, or her texture, and Anto's terms of use allow for retexturing and inclusion of meshes and stuff.

This hair's title is based on Jessie J(ay)'s song Who You Are. It's a beautiful song sung by a talented woman, and I think you should check it out.

Click to enlarge stuff:






This hair is only available for teen-elder females. Thanks DABOOBS!

Disclaimer: I did not mesh or convert this. It was meshed by Anto, and converted by Cazy and can be found here.

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Why Am I Doing This To Myself?

P.S. (In Aqua): If you have any issues with my files, let me know, and I will fix any issues as soon as possible. 
In conclusion, do what you'd like with my work, but I would like credit for my hard work, and would greatly appreciate it if you kept my work off of paysites. 


  1. Aw! I am so sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience! The emergency room! Oh, goodness! You have my best wishes!! ♥

    Lovely hair retexture! ♥ Thank you!

  2. You're getting really good at this. Keep it up!!

  3. Ooo! Shiny! Thanks so much! Sorry about your icky week. Hope you feel better :)

  4. Lovely, Thanks. I'm in love in this song lol.
    I read that you taking request, so would you please retexture this hair, and reduce the poly?

  5. Hey. I wanna try out this hair, but the link no longer works. Help? Your shine looks great, especially the blonde which is what I want.