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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

You Come Along Because I Love Your Face, And I'll Admire Your Expensive Taste (SkySims 14 Moose'd)

Things have been going on. Things are a little bit better at home, but school is still a massive amount of stress. So I mean yeah. But on the bright side, I just got back from one of the greatest parties ever, and OH MY GOSH I feel SO good.

I saw this hair on TSR, and I decided to do it out of pity for everyone who wanted the hair but then put it in-game. I don't know why, but Skysims didn't do a very good job of fitting it to the head, so I felt the need to fix it.

So this whole thing is a preference call, the hair is completely different from the original, and if you don't like the way it looks you should NOT download. I think the other one looks something like someone's actual hair, but its very thin and sad and way too high on the head, and my version looks like a pretty decent wig. Also, SkySims' version is longer than mine, so if that's your cup of tea, go for it. Additionally, SkySims' animations are much nicer, but mine make more sense. The entirety of SkySims' mesh has two assignments, and mine has six, so if you want blood sweat and tears, you might want my version. Also, my version has a way lower polycount. My version is like 1,200 polys less than the original, which can really be all the difference for some people. But as a result of this, the undersides can kind of animate funny, and sometimes they poke through when Sims heads move to angles that are too extreme. I have ONE transparency issue on my version, and its hardly noticeable in game, but I'm not gonna deny it is there, its on the end of the ponytail, but its kind of minor. Long story short, this is fully compatible with breast and fat sliders and covers more of the head, while the original isn't compatible with any kind of sliders whatsoever and resembles a really silly hat on a bald person. 

Anyway, the hair's name is based on Panic! At The Disco's song New Perspective. I love the song, its so highschool but in a good way. It appeals to me in the best way, you know?

Click the pictures to make them bigger:






Ketch Phrez.
So this hairstyle is 8,990 polygons in LOD0 (which is a big improvement over the original's 10,146 polygons), and 5,007 polygons in LOD1. This is good news, because this might be the lowest poly thing I've done in quite some time, most everyone should be able to run it, I think!!
*This hairstyle is available for teen-elder females, and that's it. I'm sorry, I wasn't about to make a child conversion, its not what I want out of this.*

DISCLAIMER: I did not originally mesh this, this hair's initial shape belongs to SkySims, and their texture assignments are still theirs as well, but the rest, including the hair's newer (and improved?) shape, the current bone assignments and my new-found fat morph compatibility method are all mine. 

If you like what I do, and would like to be notified earlier than everyone on MS3B of when my stuff comes out (if it gets featured on MS3B, you never know, my work might not be worth featuring. Because the copy/paste paintings of Gaga and Madonna are CLEARLY much harder to make and much more work, and a higher priority than the fixes I spend a minimum of four hours on), then please go ahead and subscribe to my blog, or like my facebook page. Also, if you like this please comment and tell me, it makes me feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy and more likely to post more things more often. 

Can We Fast-Forward 'Till You Go Down On Me?

If you have any issues at all, please let me know, so I can try to fix them as soon as I can. 

I would be totally and completely honored if you wish to use this stuff in any sort of preview at all, or in a video or anything, it is more than okay to use my work for this, no credit necessary. But please do not re-upload anywhere else unless you're bundling it with a sim, and if you are bundling, please link back here. Also, please do not retexture this without asking, but if you ask, chances are incredibly high that I will refuse.  I know it sounds terrible, but I spent like a good eight or more hours on this fix, and I'm not stoked at the idea that someone else gets to slap their textures on it in ten minutes and feature it on their blog. No thanks. Please don't claim as your own, and please don't steal my textures. 


  1. Absolutely beautiful, and another hair that will be useful in varying the styles that can be worn by the same sim in different outfits. Thank-you so much for all of your work! =D

    1. Thanks so much, Marika! I hope you enjoy it!

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  2. Okay.. So. Would you mind putting up some pictures of what the hair fucking looks like? I honestly cannot tell what exactly the hair looks like? K thnxx.

    Oh, and fuck you. ;)

    1. Lets get one thing clear. I'm choosing to share what I make, so I don't owe you anything, and on top of that, I think my previews do a pretty decent job of representing what the hair looks like. And even if they don't, why don't you try telling me how to improve as opposed to telling me that I'm doing it wrong?

      Kindly shove it and find your fixes somewhere else, you entitled prick. I won't deal with your bullshit here.

  3. The difference is extremely noticeable, much better, thanks for sharing :)

    PS: Anon, you are not required to enter or download anything if you want, if you do that is constructive criticism, if not better going long or you can try to do it yourself (?)

  4. Anon must be blind. I think your previews are the best out there. I can always easily decide which one I like best. Also thanks for keeping the poly count low, I hope you are able to do so with future hairs. Have you ever thought of meshing original hairstyles?

    1. I've thought about meshing before, but I'm not sure how I would even go about doing it. I'll try anything once, so I don't see why I shouldn't. I certainly have access to all of the necessary programs.

      And low polycount is something I will always try to maintain, I really don't see why anything should be over 12,000 polygons because morphs won't be possible. I will keep everything I do to the minimum polycount within my power, because I know some people don't have access to really nice video cards.

    2. Omg thanks, I have like 52 hairs xD and u freaking do an amazing job fixing the borked hairs. Skysims and newsea and peggy seems to think that hair floats xD -KupoCyGirl PS. I can only get hair up to 8,700 poly so this is a plus ^3^

  5. Definitely better than it was, thank you!

  6. I download your hair all of the time, but have never said anything. However, since this looks so beautiful, I just couldn't let it pass without telling you thanks! I have been disappointed by SkySims hair so much that I just can't even be bothered anymore. It always looks like crap in game, but you manage to make it pretty. This looks wonderful! Great job. :)

    1. Thank you so much, Felicia! Its comments like yours that really make me proud of doing what I do.

  7. Wow, such a drastic difference! It looks so much better- I would not have even given this hair a second look if t wasn't for this edit. Thank you! ^-^

  8. Can you fix Skysims 13 male hair. The hairstyle actually doesn't look to bad in the game but it sits far to high on the head. You couldn't even think of using a beard with it. Also what causes a hair to look fine in CAS but not so great in the game? Newsea morningdew does this to me.

    1. I'm thinking about it, just because as much as I love Skysim's meshes, they always need some extra work put into them. I'm thinking about getting a simblr, and if I do it I will definitely post it there, because Men's hairstyles are just not work creating so many models for.

    2. Newsea's hairs look weird in game if you don't have your 'Sim detail' set to the highest setting... :-)

  9. Your hairs are ALWAYS much better than the original ones. Thank you so SO much for your hard work and, of course, for sharing. Don't bother answering those fucking idiots. I believe they're just jealous of your wonderful work. ;)

  10. Great job. Looks much better.
    Now i'm wondering: which party have you visited?