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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Most Special Are The Most Lonely (Cazy Viola Moose'd)

I have school to do today, so I'll be brief. I saw this on Cazy's naver like 6 months ago, and I'm glad I have it now because its really pretty. That's all. Also this is an alpha edit because of reasons, but its not a huge deal, I just wanted longer, cleaner bangs. You can hate it if you want.

This style is based on Regina Spektor's new song All The Rowboats, which I think is fantastic. Listen to it, its bootiful.

Click to enlarge:






Catch Phrase!
This hairstyle is 9,659 polygons in LOD0, and 5,012 in LOD1. Hopefully everyone should be able to run it, its a fantastic hair. 
*This hair is available for females of all ages except babies because that would be stupid. By babies I don't mean toddlers, I mean actual babies. This hair is default replacement, because TSRW threw a fit, so I just stuck my textures into Cazy's files, and now the in-game thumbnails look all screwed because she screwed with them because she hates retexturers. But it works, so yeah. You can only have one version.*
This hairstyle is compatible with breast sliders and fat morphs. 

DISCLAIMER: I did not mesh this, I didn't fix this, I just retextured this. I can only take credit for the textures, IF that. 

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God I Pity The Violins,

P.S. (In purple): Please let me know if you have any issues so I can fix them, because I care.

Feel free to use my retextures for whatever you want, but please don't reupload. The ONLY exception to the no reupload rule is that you may bundle with a sim, but you have to link back to my blog. Please don't claim as your own or try to steal my textures. 


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  2. I felt the same way when I saw it on her blog. It was just so cute! Anyways, beautiful retexture Moosie!

  3. So beautiful! Indeed the bangs are waaaay better now <3 Thank you! I love that hair and am happy to see it moosified ^^

    Can you please retexture Newsea's AeolianBell hair? It's available here: http://www.newseasims.com/inside-page.php?cid=1&id=156
    It's so lovely for tods, kids and elders! And the accessory is recolorable! Don't know why that hair has no love and was never retextured :(
    The textures only need a good cleaning, to be able to have a light blond sim or a light flashy pink :) Not a lot of work, please pretty please?

    1. If I do it, I'll probably do it on my tumblr, as I wouldn't be in the mood to do a whole post about it. Drop me an ask so I can remember!

  4. Err... Oops. I don't have a tumblr account. I'll be sure to remind you here from time to time then :)