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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Monday, August 29, 2011

My Body's Naked And Now I Am Free (Raon 36 Moose'd)

So I realize that I haven't posted anything in an obscenely long time; and I actually got some (one) complaint, which kind of makes me happy. So I got back on the retexture horse last night, and I discovered that my textures suck hard (Which is hilarious, because my last retexture was with my newest texture (which sucks)). Anyway, I spent all day making new textures, and I have a completely new method of retexturing, and it completely blows my previous method out of the water. And innovation is hot, right? Right. Fuck yes, it is. So I've finally perfected my textures, although there's a really good chance that I'll end up tweaking

So now that I'm finally happy with my textures, chances are that I'll post more, but not as much as I used to. I won't post as often as I used to because retexturing now takes much much longer than it used to (but it looks much, much better). 

The title of this hair is based on lyrics from my new favorite song, Rainbounce by Reptar. I REALLY recommend listening to it, its incredible, and they don't have all the fans that they deserve. 

Although I really love Raon's new textures, I decided to retexture it anyway due to the balding issue (very easily seen on the first image), and the fact that I really hate Raon's control, I just thought it looked weird and it didn't match my other CC, so retexturing it was the only option (that, or not use it). 

Anyway, as before, if you hate gifs, you can click the hair color to see the jpg version of the image. 

(Notice how the shine isn't displaced like before? New retexturing methods for the WIN.)

This is only available for adult females, because I have no idea how to age-convert things (THANK YOU DABOOBS).

Disclaimer: I didn't mesh this, although I wish I did, because it is beautiful. It was meshed by Raon, and can be found here

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Buenas noches mis cariños, 

P.S. (In Aqua): If you find any issues with my files, please let me know, and I'll fix everything. You can use my stuff for whatever you like, but please give me (and Raon, if you're feeling generous) credit, and NO PAYSITES.


  1. Thank you. Just know that Anubis has been told by Raon to not retexture and fix their hairs. Hope you wont get the same warning. And btw on MS3b you posted a Reptar Rainbounce video on youtube as the link instead of your website.

  2. Thank you so much for this! It looks excellent. :D

  3. Pfffft! I should stop posting links past 2 AM in the morning, sorry about that.

    Also, I think its great that Anubis is heeding Raon's wishes, its very classy. But because this hair was a pay hair, I don't think I'll go through the trouble to exclude the mesh and so on and so forth. I've never been classy, to be honest.

    Thank you everyone for your kind words and support! Except for that one anon, but they're entitled to their opinion.

  4. I was really hoping someone would do this! I absolutely love it, thank you so much.

    ~ Mandi

  5. Metalmoose, your new method of retexturing is gorgeous. Big fan of this version.

  6. @metal moose. it happens :-) we've all had those days. keep up the good work!

  7. Is it okay to have both this and the raon file in game? or do I have to have 1 or the other?

  8. It looks great:D

    (check out my blog)

  9. @Bee, it is always okay to have both files in game unless I state otherwise.

    @Frajn, I love your sims, they look really beautiful and natural all at once (which is something that I find incredibly impressive).

  10. Did you create he sim with the red hair? If so, would it be possible for you to upload her. I would really like to add her to my game. Thanks bunches... Keep up the great work.

  11. metalmoose,I'm always thank you so MUCH!Have a great day ,too!

  12. noooo they've been removed :(

  13. Mediafire has removed the file, would it be possible to re-upload it? I really love this version of the hair, I've tired a couple other retextures, but didn't like them as much as this one. Pretty please?

    1. I'm actually going to remake it again with fat morphs, so I'll reupload it as a new post and everything, because I know that there isn't an existing version with morphs, and its just asking for them because its so low poly.

  14. Heyy! Your remakes are awesome, but this one, is one that i love but i cant download itt!
    Send me a Private message.

    1. Check the newest post, the whole thing has been remade there.