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Friday, August 5, 2011

Marina Marquez

Okay, so quite a few people wanted me to upload my sims, and I finally couldn't ignore the requests for much longer, because I felt bad. So here is my first Sim! She's one of the first (pretty) Sims I've ever made, and I hope you love her.

Marina says hi!

After losing her parents to a freak car accident, Marina spent her childhood and most of her adolescence  in a orphanage. Her outgoing and friendly spirit grouped with her wild imagination made certain that she was never lonely in the orphanage, but she had always wanted more out of her life. Marina was never told of her parent's untimely death, but was instead told a romantic and exciting tale of a forbidden romance and an unexpected pregnancy by one of her kindly caretakers. Her imagination went over the story constantly, adding new twists and pleasing details until it became a reality for her, and she convinced herself that finding her parents was her only goal in life. She began making attempts to run away, but her caretakers were quick on their feet, and always seemed to be two steps ahead of her. She tumbled into her teen years frustrated and angsty, dramatically huffing and puffing around the orphanage until she met a boy. He was new to the orphanage, and  managed to sneak out often, eventually bringing Marina with him. He took her to see feature films with strong characters and fantastic stories, and Marina became more content with her life at the orphanage and with this new boy. During one of the duo's adventures in the orphanage, they stumbled across the orphanage's records; finding Marina's. Curiousity got the better of Marina, and she read through her file. Devastated to find out that her life was a lie; the always good-natured Marina seemed to recede into herself. She locked herself in her room all day, only leaving to go see movies with her new friend. Eventually, at age 16, she asked him to help her escape. He managed to get her as far as the nearest gas station before wishing her luck and hugging her a tearful goodbye before leaving her, leaving Marina alone for the first time in her life. Taking her cues from the women she had seen in the movies, she flirted her way into the hearts of kindly truck drivers who would feed her and take her where she needed to go in exchange for her company. After countless miles and a few scary situations, she found herself in Bridgeport. Having learned so much from the movies she had seen as a child, Marina decided that she wanted to act. Having trouble gaining recognition as an extra, she began a temporary job modelling for Moose magazine in order to up her celebrity status. Marina needs to use her skills to fulfill her lifelong ambition of becoming a Superstar Actress, and who knows where she'll go from there? Will she ever become the famous actress she dreams of being? Or will she stick with her modelling career?

In case you missed that, Marina is Friendly, Ambitious, Flirty, Dramatic, and Good.

If you want to bitch about how my pretty gif isn't sufficient, you can check out the non-gif version here


Alright, so I'm only going to clarify this once. There are 2 versions of Marina that you can download. 
The first is the Package version, which comes with the .sim and all of the wonderful CC necessary to recreate Marina as you see her here (and a txt file with a list of all the CC and where to redownload it if you're a cunt and do not trust me). 
The second is the Sims3pack version, which is supposed to be all of Marina (CC included)stuck into a cute little sims3pack file. Frankly, I do not trust or recommend sims3packs, they tend to cause problems, and I fucking hate problems. But if you want a fucking mess, you got it. 
(I recommend the package version, because that way you're guaranteed to get everything and you won't have conflicting CC as long as you look everything over).

So yeah. That is that. My first sim! Oh wait, I have to make a content list (Kill me now).

Every day shoes here or here.
Every day dress here
Formal shoes here
Formal dress here
Athletic shoes here
Athletic shirt here or here
Athletic shorts here
Swimwear here
Eyeshadow here
Lipstick here
Hair here
Contacts here
Skin here
I also recommend #aWT's amazing eyeball slider set, because I use it a lot.

(Heres the thing about the Skin and contacts, I can't find the old contacts made by Gary, and I edited them anyway, so they're half mine. The skin is called 'Frankenstein' because I stuck a bunch of different skins together (one of them was made by subaxi) to make this one. Don't worry, they match, I think they're lovely, but that's just me. Basically, you can't find them anywhere else, because I sortof kindof made them.)

Everything else is EA, so you should be cool if you have all the expansion packs, if not I'm over it, sorry, make enough money to buy them or borrow a friend's copy. 

If you like what you see, then please sub, comment, click an ad, or check out my facebook page

I'm hella tired, so I'mma go snooze,

P.S.(IN AQUA): Any problems? I will fix, just let me know. Use my work for good and not evil. By evil, I mean paysites, other than that, everything else is fine, but I would very much like some credit


  1. Oh she is a doll! Your sims are so splendid looking! All so cute and pretty. ♥

  2. Thank you so much, Candy Lover!

  3. Yay than you so much for uploading one of your pretty simmies!!!