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Hey everyone! My name is metalmoose and I retexture hair for The Sims 3. I retexture what I feel like playing with, but feel free to send me any suggestions!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Body's Naked and Now I Am Free (Raon 36 Moose'd)

So I'm completely aware that I already did this hair awhile ago, but the file was taken down some time ago, and someone was asking if they could get the original file. I couldn't access the original file, and I missed having this in my game, so I decided to do it all over again.

Also, this is technically a 'fix,' only because I had no idea that the original actually had morphs and breast compatibility, so there aren't many differences. The only difference between my version and Raon's is that they have different bone assignments, so there is only a minor difference in animation, and the fat and breast sliders look a little bit different. On top of that, I fixed the horrible balding issue present in the black image by adding a scalp, and my textures are (arguably) nicer and twice the resolution.

This is based on a song by Reptar called Rainbounce. It is still to this day one of my favorite songs.

Click to enlarge (also, I decided I would have MUCH lighter backgrounds because everyone kept telling me that my backgrounds were distracting. Also, I decided I wanted to keep doing patterns even if they're very light because I'm addicted to patterns. Additionally, I will begin making gifs smaller, and also, the jpgs are bigger than most people's screens, because they were taken on a TV monitor and with the HQ mod on. I'm lucky I didn't fry my Mom's video card. (By the way, I'm on my mom's computer because I fried my video card, so I don't have a personal computer anymore, which means less retextures, I'm sorry):






CATCH PHRASE (oh, and I also changed the control so that it has a black background because everything is more visible and it makes more sense that way)!
This hairstyle is 9,688 polygons in LOD0, and 5,034 in LOD1. I wish that Raon would create again, the fact that they made this under 10,000 polygons really shows how talented they were. Most of you should be able to run this. Oh and I also added the missing LOD3. 
*This hairstyle is available for teen-elder females. I thought it was much too glamorous for children and I didn't want to put the work in. This is also non-default, which means you can have both versions in game and Raons, if you so desure.*
This hairstyle is compatible with breast morphs and fat sliders.

*Press CTRL + S to download when you reach the page*

Disclaimer: I didn't mesh this, Raon did. I just redid the bone assignments and made some fat morphs from scratch, even though it wan't super necessary. Also, the textures are mine and no one else's. 

I have a facebook and a tumblr if you want to follow me there, if not, you can follow me here on blogger by checking out the bottom of the page, or you can comment. Comments make me smile. 

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PS: If you have any issues with this, please let me know so I can fix them for you. I wouldn't go through all the trouble of posting something for you if I didn't want it to work in your game (Also, if the download doesn't work, please let me know, I'm trying something new, so tell me if it doesn't work for you so I can update the link). 

Feel free to use my work for any picture taking or video needs you may have, but please don't reupload anywhere unless you're bundling with a Sim upload, in which case link back to this page. Please don't retexture my version of this hair without permission, please don't claim as your own, and please don't steal my textures (although stealing them would be silly because each texture is unique to each hair). 


  1. YAY no balding sims! It looks great (:

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  2. Awesomeness! I've put this hair on one of my favorite sims, Clementina Jameson (one of my multitudes of "Jeeves and Wooster" sims):


    Yes, I do enjoy forcing my sims to be shared with others. XP Sorry for the bother, but I enjoy it.

  3. The link doesn't want to work for me in Safari or Chrome... :( It says -
    You are not authorized to access the webpage at https://doc-00-1g-docs.googleusercontent.com/docs/securesc/ha0ro937gcuc7l7deffksulhg5h7mbp1/73uvp2348as576acik2r51strn0ms7cs/1339610400000/03537155361863660765/*/0B1CBZLm5tkTxb0lJYlF1UHplQWs?e=download. You may need to sign in. -
    Hope you fix cuz I love almost all your retextures :)

    1. I figured this would happen. Click your desired link, and when you get past the adf.ly link, just press CTRL + S.

      That, or you can click file, and click download.

  4. Oh darn, less retextures. #sarcasm.

  5. It's not the retextures. It's the fixes, dear above anon.

    Metalmoose, can you get the hairs even closer to chest, like the EA hairs? You've done an excellent job; it's very tight, not ungodly high on the head (or wide), and the textures are attractive. But there's still a gap at side profile. I don't care about the potential bleeding -- I'll take it over blank space. I'd just like a long hair that clings to the chest, like natural hair. Your fixes are the closest to that. I reckon if anyone would make it, it'd be you.

    But thank you. Regardless of any more tinkering, it's the first time I've considered using a long hair in my game.

    If you're taking requests, there's a few at Skysims and Newseas that need help.

    1. "(By the way, I'm on my mom's computer because I fried my video card, so I don't have a personal computer anymore, which means less retextures, I'm sorry)"

      I believe is what is says. :)

    2. Of course! I've been making a greater effort to avoid floating hairs as much as I can, and I'm gradually getting better at making hairs closer to the chest, each hairstyle that I make gets closer to the chest than the last!
      The only thing is that it can be a bit more on the difficult side when certain meshes are typically not chest shaped whatsoever, but I'm getting MUCH better at mesh mangling, so stay tuned, I believe I'm getting better and better!

  6. Ah! Yes, finally that horrid scalp is fixed. Thank you!!!! Great work as always.

  7. nice job! love it! but is it 1.34 compatible? thew newest update totally screwed me over

    1. It should be! :) CC like hair and clothes should never have a conflict with new patches. Some Peggy hairs had a problem showing up for different ages (children/toddlers) once Pets was released, but that was an exception. And I believe fixes were provided for the broken hairs. If you have a problem with CC showing up, you might have an outdated mod. Make sure that if you run core mods that they are all up to date. Also make sure to clear your caches.

  8. A huge improvement on this hair. I always hated how it looked like the sim had bald spots.

    One problem, I can't download the file. I tried both, but they both went to Google Drive after the ad, and even trying ctrl + s would only save the webpage.

    1. That could be a browser thing. If you don't want to use another browser, go ahead and navigate to the part in the upper left that says 'file,' and select 'download' from the drop-down menu.

    2. It was the browser. I use Google Chrome by default.
      The only other browser I use is Pale Moon, which the download worked on.
      Thank you.

  9. Oh, the Download doesn't work. It always wanted to download the whole site xD
    I am using Fifo and it always worked on ad.fly

    1. I'm going to be honest here and say that I have no idea what fifo is. Would you mind trying another browser? I personally use chrome, and it works like a dream. Just keep me posted, I might have to post an alternate link.

  10. No puedo descargarlo que hay que hacer? No entiendo

    1. Haga clic en el link deseado, y cuando ya has pasado adf.ly (es necesario empujar 'Skip Ad'), nadamas empujes CTRL + S en su teclado.

      Si eso no funciona, puedes ir arriba y a la izquierda, empuja 'file' y luego que vayas abajo hasta donde dice 'download.'

      Disculpa, mi espanol no es tan bueno, espero que esto te ayudo un poquito.

  11. Gracias , gracias por ayudarme. Gran trabajo, sigue así. No funcionan con google chrome, es mejor con cualquier otro explorador. Besos

  12. Thank you so much, it's very pretty :)

  13. Replies
    1. No it isn't. It's really easy to edit the CASpart though, if you'd like to do it yourself it literally takes 5 seconds.

    2. I can't even download it without downloading all the images and stuff form the page. :/

  14. hey this is the link i got when trying to download this https://drive.google.com/start?authuser=0#home
    is there ne way u cld help

  15. Can't DL. Can You please fix?

  16. great retexture, and I like the way it follows head movement better/ smoother, thanks :)

  17. So... I'm having problems with this hair. I started by downloading Raon's mesh and it worked great in CAS, but in game it was just...well...messy. We'll get to that. Then, I searched around forums and stuff and no one seemed to be having the same problem. Now I saw this Moose fix/retexture and decided to try it, just because I loooooove this hair so much. It didn't work :( This is how it looks like in CAS http://www.imagensonline.net/?v=screenyny.jpg (just wonderful, Moose! :D) and this is how it looks like ingame http://www.imagensonline.net/?v=screenphp.jpg YEP, it seems the poor girl's been in a car crash or something... Do you know how can I fix this? :/